Who’s Hiring in Growth Marketing: Disruptor Beam, Rovio, American Eagle

Growth marketers are methodical and analytical, constantly testing new tactics and diving deep into performance metrics to drive ever-higher ROI. They’re also strategic and creative, thinking up innovative new ways to grow business by maximizing every opportunity in a rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape.

Our mission is to connect this top talent with today’s most forward-thinking companies. Here’s a brief list of who’s currently hiring:

User Acquisition Manager, Disruptor Beam (Boston)

Company Brief


Disruptor Beam is building a new generation of games for every screen, based on popular universes like Game of Thrones, Star Trek and The Walking Dead. This is an opportunity to join a rapidly growing company, alongside a veteran team, working with some of the most iconic brands in entertainment.

Role Overview

The User Acquisition Manager will design, implement and manage day-to-day operations of Disruptor Beam’s customer acquisition programs, balancing CPA with LTV to drive revenue for the company.

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching, evaluating, implementing, and evolving performance-based product-marketing tactics, including customer acquisition, reacquisition, and remarketing, that drive key performance indicators
  • Building, running and analyzing ongoing A/B/n tests of channels, platforms, audiences, creative assets, landing pages, etc.
  • Continually optimizing digital ad performance, testing new opportunities and retiring underperforming campaigns on a daily basis
  • Assisting with the planning and analysis of brand and awareness campaigns

For the full job posting, click here.

Performance Marketing Manager, Rovio (Helsinki)

Company Brief

“RovioWe are looking for a colleague for our User Acquisition and Network Engagement Team to distribute our mobile games to millions of passionate gamers around the globe.

Role Overview

The manager will work closely with the Product Marketing and Game teams to manage and scale our ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and other ad platforms that connect our games with audiences. If you are curious and energetic, always striving for better performance, and have an analytical mind, you are the right person for our team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Launching, optimizing and scaling campaigns on Facebook, Google and other social platforms
  • Optimizing creative assets, targeting, bids, and budgets on Facebook, Google and other ad platforms
  • Continually testing new campaigns and creative assets to drive the highest return on investment
  • Collaborating with designers in the creative content team, engineers, and data analysts

For the full job posting, click here.

Head of Digital Marketing, American Eagle (New York City)

Company Brief

““AmericanAMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS INC. is built on more than 38 years of customer focus, dedication and innovation.

Role Overview

The Head of Digital Marketing will manage the long term digital marketing roadmap, is responsible for planning the top priority initiatives, and for ensuring alignment across the brand and business goals each season.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop action plans for achieving and measuring campaign success, including determining key metrics
  • Synchronization of all marketing activities across programs and channels
  • Integration of digital within the overall marketing strategy
  • Evolve the digital marketing strategy to include more automated scenarios such as real-time bidding

For the full job posting, click here.

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