Facebook Mobile App Install Ads – Early Results

Today, Facebook announced that its mobile app install ad units are out of beta, citing early feedback from us here at Nanigans alongside various mobile app developers like Kabam and Fab. With support for Facebook mobile app install ads, below are early performance results from mobile app install ad campaigns run through Ad Engine.

CPCs, CTRs and Volume

Nanigans is seeing mobile app install ad campaigns with average CPCs ranging from $0.18 – $0.60. In some instances, Nanigans has seen CTRs on mobile app install ads that exceed 3%. Customers report achieving 8-10X the volume with Facebook mobile app install ads than mobile ad buys on other channels.

Mobile App Install Ads vs. Mobile Sponsored Stories

Gaming apps account for over half of all time spent in mobile apps. For game apps, Nanigans is seeing mobile app install ads generate 20% higher CTRs and 22% higher CPCs than achieved with mobile Sponsored Stories.

Mobile App Install Ads vs. Desktop Ads

In comparing performance of Facebook mobile app install ads to Facebook desktop ads, Nanigans found mobile app install ads can generate 13-17X higher CTRs. 

CPCs and CTRs by App Genre

Mobile app install ads driving to game apps average 85% higher CTRs than those driving to ecommerce apps. Mobile app install ads driving to ecommerce apps average 15% higher CPCs than those driving to game apps.

Note: The Facebook mobile app install ad unit is new, and early results are subject to change as the product matures.

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