How to Drive Installs for $1 with Facebook Mobile Ads [Case Study]

Unique Influence leveraged Nanigans’ Ad Engine platform to facilitate thorough and aggressive Facebook ad testing, which achieved a cost-per-install goal of less than a $1 for the Krome Photos mobile app.


  • Achieved a cost-per-install goal of less than $1
  • Discovered high-value customer segments
  • Delivered an ROI (return on ad spend) of more than 2.5X for high-value customer segments


Krome Photos is an online photo service and mobile app that offers professionally edited photos and prints. Krome partnered with Nanigans’ client partner, Unique Influence, to drive more app installs and purchase events on Facebook, and to identify Krome’s most receptive and high-value customer segments.


Krome-Photos-Ad-EngineInitially, Krome was advertising in California, New York, and Texas. Unique Influence developed an ad plan that tested multiple audiences against different combinations of ad images and copy with Facebook, and began running ads in these three states. Campaign goals included minimizing cost-per-acquisition and collecting data about Krome’s most valuable customers.

Unique Influence leveraged Nanigans to compare these different elements and identify which audience, image, and ad copy combinations were the most effective. Nanigans’ tools allowed the Unique Influence team to easily compare the results, providing the crucial audience and creative data that was necessary to scale.

After productive and conclusive A/B testing, the test was expanded beyond these initial states to national advertising, using a day-to-day bid management system that helped automate and scale the team’s efforts.


Facebook campaigns are often complicated, so preparing a well thought-out plan before launch can often make or break your ad testing. After a process of testing various combinations of audiences, images, and ad copy, Krome gained a firm understanding of their most valuable audiences and insights into how to create ads that resonate with them.

By using Nanigans to find the right combinations in the initial testing in California, New York, and Texas, Unique Influence was able to intelligently scale the Krome campaign and start advertising nationally. Through experimentation with images and texts, the team was able to keep working toward a target click-through-rate (CTR) in the 2% to 4% range, and was ultimately able to optimize toward revenue and maintain a high return on ad spend.

2 Responses

  1. Interesting case study!

    Is it a best practice to begin testing campaigns in more localized areas like states & cities before scaling nationally? I’m assuming a defined geographic area allows for cheaper testing since less advertisers are niching down.

    • Great question, James.

      In this instance going localized made sense because Krome had seen proven success with those three states. Here, we set up the campaign based on historical data.

      In general, we suggest starting broad first (so go national). If you start small (by state/city), you end up incurring higher costs because the reach is lower, on top of having to create more ads (i.e. one creative set X 50 states versus five creative sets X one country –> you get more results this way than the former).