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Attribution, Big Data & The Open Graph: 3 Driving Forces of Social Ad Innovation

This article was originally published on Social Media Today. It’s the year of Facebook for digital marketers, with the social network projected to surpass $5B in worldwide ad revenues. Nearly half of Facebook’s 901M active users visit the site at least 6 out of 7 days a week, and with people spending more than 1 out of every 7 of their online minutes on Facebook, it’s no surprise that ad spend will continue to flow from other mediums to the social […]

Nanigans’ Ad Engine Ranked Top SaaS Marketing App for Data Liberation

This week Backupify, the leading third-party backup tool, released rankings for its annual Data Liberation Awards. Nanigans is excited to announce that our Ad Engine was ranked 5th on data liberation in the SaaS Marketing Application category — higher than Twitter and just below our friends at Facebook! Data liberation refers to the ability of software and applications to allow its users to extract their data in an easy and usable way. Backupify examined the top 50 SaaS applications across […]

comScore’s Power of Like 2 Study: How Facebook Ads Drive Purchases

As a company that measures Facebook Ad spend from click all the way through the marketing funnel to performance events like registrations, viral invites and purchases, we know first hand that Facebook Ads “work” in driving revenue and business value. Campaigns run through Nanigans’ Ad Engine drive over 2 million performance events every day, a large portion of which are actual purchases. Needless to say, we were excited when comScore released The Power of Like 2: How Social Media Works report […]

Facebook Mobile Advertising: Early Results

Earlier this week we formally announced support for Facebook mobile advertising, releasing a new Ad Engine feature that enables marketers to reach people in their Facebook mobile News Feeds. While it is still early, initial results from mobile advertising campaigns run through our Ad Engine show the promise of the Facebook mobile marketing opportunity. We compared performance of the Facebook mobile ad unit, a Sponsored Story in mobile News Feeds, to the performance of Facebook Ads on desktops – both Sponsored […]

Nanigans Launches Facebook Mobile Advertising Feature

Nanigans Releases Support for Facebook Mobile Advertising New Nanigans Ad Engine™ Feature Enables Marketers to Reach Facebook Users on Their Mobile Devices June 18, 2012 – BOSTON, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nanigans, Inc., a Facebook® performance advertising company focused on helping marketers maximize ROI, released a new mobile advertising feature that enables marketers to reach Facebook users on their mobile devices. Last week Facebook announced the ability for advertisers to purchase Sponsored Stories in News Feeds specifically on mobile through […]