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IRCE 2018: 10 Key Sessions for Ecommerce Marketers

The 2018 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is fast-approaching (June 5-8 in Chicago). If you’re planning to attend, bring your ideas and questions because IRCE comes stocked with workshops, sessions led by industry experts, and an exhibit hall filled with cutting edge technologies on display. You should also bring your business cards because IRCE is a networking goldmine with thousands of ecommerce industry peers in attendance. To help you navigate a busy conference, we’ve narrowed down the various IRCE sessions […]

Ecommerce brands opening stores

‘Clicks and Bricks’: Why Ecommerce Brands Keep Opening Stores

It seems like every week a retailer like Toys ‘R’ Us closes stores to concentrate on e-commerce. So isn’t it counterintuitive that e-commerce brands — including Warby Parker, UNTUCKit, Sugarfina, Trunk Club, and Boll & Branch — continue to open physical stores? Not so fast. In truth, physical retail isn’t going away — but it is evolving. Today’s consumers crave connection, authenticity, and a personal experience, all of which are hard to find in traditional, big-box retail stores. A trend […]

Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet

Facebook, Google, and ‘Other’: Why Internet Fragmentation Creates Pain for Marketers

Potential customers abandon site shopping carts all the time. But the digital journey they now take after leaving a site has become much more fragmented and challenging for advertisers to keep track of. Does your potential customer visit a competitor’s site? Does she check her Gmail or Yahoo email? Where will she spend her next thirty minutes online or even her next ten “digital hours”? On Instagram? Buzzfeed? YouTube? Listening to music on Spotify? Related post: Remarketing on a Fragmented […]

Calculating Incrementality: Finding the Right Audience

Reaching the people mostly likely to generate incremental revenue really boils down to one thing — you must constantly be evaluating the difference — or lift — in performance between: Shoppers exposed to retargeting ads Comparable shoppers not exposed to retargeting ads Randomized control trials (RCTs), where lift is calculated with automated control (or holdout) groups, are the gold standard for measuring incrementality. Related post: How Retargeting Delivers Incremental Revenue [Video] RCTs will answer the question: Which of my users […]

Paid search ads

Are You Overvaluing the Impact of Search Ads?

Marketers have long presumed that paid search ads are one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. What better time to get your brand in front of consumers than the moment they’re searching for a product? Google has claimed that paid search ads increase visitors to your website by 89%. Even if you already have a No. 1 organic search ranking, paid search ads can drive another 50 percent of visitors. But correlation doesn’t prove causation. Runners may be […]