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In-House Advertising: The Future of Performance Marketing

This article originally appeared on IBM’s THINK Marketing blog. Is your agency taking advantage of you? A recent bombshell report from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) found that problematic practices such as rebates between media companies and agencies, markups as high as 90%, and dual rate cards are pervasive among agencies; often at the expense of clients’ best interests. In response to growing dissatisfaction around this lack of transparency, nearly two-thirds of top US advertisers are planning to review their creative […]

3 Brands Driving Revenue Through Helpful Social Ads

Social ads are getting helpful! By offering useful advice and interesting tutorials, advertisers can demonstrate the importance of their company’s products or services. Because these ads provide value, viewers are motivated to click through in order to learn more. This strategy also helps ads fit in with organic content on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making for a more appealing and less obtrusive viewing experience. Here are just a few businesses that are taking their ads to the next level […]

Who’s Hiring in Growth Marketing: Casper, PolicyGenius, Circle

Growth marketers are methodical and analytical, constantly testing new tactics and diving deep into performance metrics to drive ever-higher ROI. They’re also strategic and creative, thinking up innovative new ways to grow business by maximizing every opportunity in a rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. Our mission is to connect this top talent with today’s most forward-thinking companies. Here’s a brief list of who’s currently hiring: Paid Social Marketing Specialist, Casper (New York) Company Brief Casper is a global sleep company that […]

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Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Pavan Akella, CaratLane

Anatomy of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing blog series showcasing top talent in the field of digital advertising. Online jewelry retailer CaratLane is one of India’s leading ecommerce companies. Since 2008, the brand has been on a mission to change the way jewelry is bought in India. What’s it like to drive growth for a company that’s been named one of India’s top 20 hottest ecommerce sites? We asked Pavan Akella, CaratLane’s Assistant Marketing Manager, to share his experience. What […]

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The Truth About Transparency in Digital Advertising

This article originally appeared in Marketing Land.  Look through the websites of technology providers throughout the advertising ecosystem, and you’re bound to see some variation of the word “transparent” as a key value proposition across many of them. Transparency is presently a hot term for online advertising in general, particularly in light of a report on the subject from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) earlier this year. But despite this seemingly industrywide alignment on messaging, there are widely disparate explanations for […]