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2011 Emmys Winners: Who’s Gold on Facebook?

Did you catch the Emmys last night? The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded their favorite actors, directors, producers and writers 2011at the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards. On the series front, 2011 Emmy award winners include: The Amazing Race (best reality competition), The Daily Show (best variety, music or comedy), Downton Abbey (best miniseries or movie), Mad Men (best drama) and Modern Family (best comedy). We were curious how these five shows compared on Facebook. How many Americans cite interest in each of […]

Who’s Interested in GOP Candidates on Facebook?

With the 2012 Presidential election just over a year away, Republican party candidates are hot on the campaign trail. To date, 9 GOP politicians have formerly declared their candidacy for President. A widely watched ‘Tea Party Republican Debate’ pictured to the left was hosted this Monday, and these candidates continue to march state-to-state on their soap boxes. Who’s interested in each of these GOP candidates on Facebook? We tapped our Facebook ad campaign data to find out, pulling groups of […]

Patriots vs. Dolphins: Who Has the Facebook Edge?

Monday Night Football kicks off tonight with a big game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. Being based in Boston, we couldn’t resist pitting the two teams against one another on Facebook. Who has a larger fanbase reach? Which team has older fans? Are their gender differences between fans? And what portion of the team’s fanbase are from the other team’s home state? By visiting each team’s official Fan pages we learn that 2.86 times more people are fans […]

How to Maximize Facebook Advertising ROI

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how advertising on Facebook works, let’s review how to effectively managing bids that maximize CTRs, and of course, optimize for actual return on ad spend (ROAS). Since Facebook is a real-time market, the CPC you need can vary significantly as other bidders place, adjust, and remove ads. An ad that was generating great volume just a few hours ago can fall stagnant as the market heats up. But CPC is just piece of […]

How Facebook Advertising Works

Running a successful Facebook ad campaign can be both tedious and time consuming – not to mention expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. But with a third of all US display advertising impressions coming from Facebook, few businesses can afford to pass up the opportunity to tap its massive user base. Whether running your own ad campaign or relying on a 3rd party service, knowing the basics of Facebook advertising can both dramatically increase your return on spend, as well as […]