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Facebook Video Ads: The Five Golden Rules

Facebook receives about 8 billion daily video views and its users watch 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. The sheer volume of news feed videos certainly makes it a challenge for any video ad to stand out. With human attention spans peaking at 8 seconds, videos must be visually compelling, move fast and keep the message short and sweet. That means that slickly-produced, 30-second TV commercials that take 10 seconds to get to their point across will […]

Facebook video ads

Facebook Video Ads on a Budget: From Planning to Final Edit

A quick scroll through any Facebook newsfeed and it’s easy to see why ecommerce and gaming brands are producing video ads. Personally, at least half the Facebook ads on my feed use video — either animated gifs, cinemagraphs, or full-motion content, with or without sound. That’s just me, but the hard data speaks to this surge in video ads. eMarketer forecasted for 2018 that online video ad spending in the U.S. will be $27.8 billion, which represents 25% of all […]

2019 Predictions

Our Five Big Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

As 2018 winds down, it’s time to tap our internal experts for some good old fashioned digital marketing predictions. Here are the evolutions and innovations on the horizon for 2019 regarding the Google-Facebook-Amazon triopoly, the programmatic supply chain, Instagram Stories advertising, and more. 1. The advertising triopoly will be cemented Amazon, with its growing search market share and unique role as an ad network and a ecommerce marketplace, has been flirting for a few years to be the third major […]

Shaking Hands

How Retailers View the Tech Giants: Friend, Frenemy or Foe? [Infographic]

Retailer relationships with big tech companies could be described as … complicated. Our recent survey asked 100 U.S. retail marketing execs to share their thoughts on which tech companies are the friends and which are the foes in the complex world of digital marketing. Not surprisingly, Google was viewed by the highest percentage as a friend, followed by Facebook. That’s understandable seeing these two tech giants are advertising platforms that help turn ad dollars into revenue. Related post: Amazon: Friend […]

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Instagram Stories Will Make Advertisers Stop Taking Creative for Granted

Last year, a franchisee of Mighty Auto Parts put a message on a road sign: “They are back. Pumpkin spice brake pads.” With pickup on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, that goofy come-on showed a message can transcend a medium if it says something unexpected and interesting. As advertising pioneer David Ogilvy once said: “The drama belongs to what you say, not in the typeface.” Yet for the past decade the ad industry has given short shrift to the message and […]