Certified Partner Program

Nanigans Certified Partners provide exceptional managed services to customers not yet equipped to leverage advertising automation software in-house.

Not all high-growth businesses are fully prepared to make customer acquisition and remarking a core internal competency. Nanigans Certified Partners enable customers to benefit from the world-class capabilities of Nanigans software without managing daily performance marketing campaign logistics.

Certified Partner Services

Nanigans partners with select, well-respected agencies that pride themselves on innovation, data-driven performance marketing, and delivering lifetime value on behalf of CMOs worldwide.

With specialized offerings ranging from mobile user acquisition to ad campaign creative design, Certified Partners are experts in achieving performance marketing success with Nanigans.


Mobile App Acquisition


Landing Page Optimization


App Store Optimization

Featured Certified Partners

At adQuadrant, we drive explosive customer growth for advertisers across all social channels. Everyday, adQuadrant is responsible for converting tens of thousands of customers through social media advertising. The Social Quadrant Suite empowers our advertisers with instant, consistent, and scalable growth. A completely managed solution powered by one the world’s leading customer acquisition teams.
Bamboo is a performance marketing agency specializing in mobile customer acquisition. We were founded on the belief that world-class customer acquisition is done by creating actual ROI improvements over time, not just minimizing cost-per-install. As a result, we only focus on driving sustainable growth for our clients. Working with us feels more like an extension of your in-house performance marketing team and less like a traditional agency relationship.
OrionCKB provides a fully managed service that eliminates all of the complexities of advertising on Facebook. We are a leader among ecommerce, gaming, mobile, education, travel, entertainment, financial service and other companies seeking lead generation, customer/user acquisition, and sales. We employ the top advertising automation platform to measure, predict and optimize ad spend for lifetime value across social and mobile. If you need to be up fast and produce results quickly, without harboring all of the risk internally, work with OrionCKB.
Unique Influence
Unique Influence is a cross-channel, cross-device digital marketing consultancy that helps innovative companies advertise intelligently online. We help clients conquer new markets and meet aggressive growth goals by using a well-defined process to identify, connect with and convert high-value customers. Our team has a deep level of expertise managing Facebook advertising campaigns on Nanigans for E-commerce, gaming, app and lead gen companies.

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