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Nanigans' comprehensive advertising automation features:

  • Time-Saving Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Predictive Optimization
  • Custom & Deep Data Integrations
  • World-Class Insights & Reporting

Wayfair teams have been long-time users of Nanigans ad automation software to manage our large, complex social and mobile ad campaigns and quantify how these efforts drive growth for our business.

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Certified Partner Program:

Ready to learn more about how a Certified Partner can help scale your profit-driven advertising? Contact us today to find out how you can get the most out of Nanigans.

Patrick Baker

See how you can work with a partner and leverage our software to provide real growth for your business.

Certified Partners work with ecommerce, gaming, and other digital companies to:

  • Drive business goals important to the CEO, from acquiring customers to increasing sales 
  • Invest programmatically in finding and scaling a profitable customer base
  • Generate positive return on social and mobile ad spend, while improving measurement


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