Customer Success & Training

Your success is our top priority

Partner with a cross-functional Customer Success team that specializes in the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry and business. Benefit from a single point of contact, your Nanigans Account Manager charged with empowering your success, and access to a deep team of specialists to meet your specific business needs.

All Nanigans customers can leverage the experience and insight of our Customer Success teams, which include:

  • Account Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Product Specialists
  • Analysts
  • Training Experts
  • Team Leads
  • Technical Account Managers

Become a master performance marketer

Learn how to put the power of Nanigans software to work for your business.

Nanigans Customer Success teams work with you from the start so you can master the platform, take control of your campaign performance, and scale your customer acquisition and remarketing success.

Our comprehensive new user training program is built around:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Empowering you to succeed with Nanigans
  • Sharing our expertise, knowledge, and deep industry experience
We begin with the basics so you can start realizing the performance and ROI benefits of leveraging Nanigans technology right away.

1. Launching Your First Campaign

For industry newcomers and veteran pros alike, we offer an introduction to online advertising, followed by a step-by-step walkthrough of each stage of creating a campaign with Nanigans. You’ll learn how to build and launch your first ads on the platform and we work together to establish clear goals to demonstrate progress. As you get up and running, Nanigans will make campaign optimizations and communicate all changes.

2. Reporting and Optimization

Dive into how and where to find all your relevant performance data in the platform. As you learn how to not only customize reporting, but also take proactive action within Nanigans’ analysis tools, you will gain valuable insights unique to your business. As you take full control of campaign optimization, your Nanigans account team will make strategic recommendations on delivery and performance to ensure you’re on track to achieve your goals. 

3. Advanced Nanigans Mastery

Become an expert at managing your online advertising through Nanigans with targeted, customizable platform training. We will tailor this advanced training to meet your specific customer goals, with topics including advanced optimization tactics, technical settings, placement logs, and more.

As we improve Nanigans software through new enhancements and features, our Customer Success teams are always there to empower customers to harness the power of our latest technologies to grow their business.

Through in-person training, comprehensive always-on resources, and high-quality support from our Customer Success teams, we ensure every customer is equipped to fully leverage Nanigans to achieve true business goals at scale.

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