Find, convert, and retarget your best customers on today’s most valuable digital channels.

For successful ecommerce companies, digital advertising has become an essential driver of revenue management and growth. To power profitability, the world’s top online retailers choose Nanigans advertising automation software to unlock higher customer lifetime value at scale.

From efficiently growing your subscription customer base to quickly acquiring new mobile app shoppers, in-house advertising teams save time and achieve greater ROI with Nanigans.

Why Ecommerce & Retail Leaders Choose Nanigans

Cross-Channel & Cross-Device

Reach high-value shoppers wherever they are across devices and today’s most valuable digital channels

Predictive Optimization

Acquire top-tier customers and drive ROI with Predictive Lifetime Value® bidding and optimization algorithms

Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime purchase data using dashboards, visualizations, and 100+ reporting attributes

Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with a comprehensive interface for everything from ad creation to deployment

Data Unification & Transparency

Consolidate complex tools and unify first-party data to leverage cross-channel insights through desktop pixels and mobile SDK

Nanigans Delivers Proven ROI

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how Nanigans software can power game-changing results for your growing ecommerce business.


improvement in costs for new customer signups in just 60 days


day ever for website traffic and volume of new purchases during the holidays


growth in daily ad spend after taking control in-house with Nanigans


“Wayfair teams have been long-time users of Nanigans ad automation software to manage our large, complex social and mobile ad campaigns and quantify how these efforts drive growth for our business.

Nanigans offers the best ad analytics in the industry, providing unmatched insights, transparency, and control over how our bids are placed and what’s truly driving performance.”

Patrick Baker
Social Advertising



Actionable reporting data-driven marketers love

Take action to manage campaigns in real-time the moment you see what’s working — and what’s not. Integrated reporting and ad building means your performance data is always front and center.

Predictive Lifetime Value® revenue optimization

Bid more effectively by intelligently measuring and optimizing campaigns to find your most valuable customers. Reach the shoppers more likely to make high-value, repeat purchases over time.

Automation built for scale

Whether you’re launching a global app install campaign or a new flash sale every hour, Nanigans makes sophisticated, large-scale ad campaigns easy to manage, optimize, and measure.

Take control of your ecommerce and retail advertising.

Manage, optimize, and measure your digital advertising with the software powering ecommerce marketing ROI across the globe.

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