From retail to gaming, Predictive Lifetime Value® has generated greater return for prospecting, remarketing and mobile advertising campaigns. Learn more about the power and impact of scaling your advertising initiatives with Predictive Lifetime Value in the case studies below.

Predictive Lifetime Value for Customer Acquisition

Case Study – Retail

PLTV_ProspectingA retailer approached Nanigans with the goal of finding and acquiring new, high-value customers. The retailer employed both CPA based bidding and Predictive Lifetime Value based bidding and optimizations.

While CPA based bidding generated an average of 54% ROI after 3 weeks, Nanigans’ Predictive Lifetime Value based bidding algorithms delivered 6.4X the return at 348% ROI.

By bidding and optimizing with Predictive Lifetime Value as opposed to a low cost CPA, the retailer allocated their marketing dollars more efficiently by quickly identifying profitable customers  – those who generated more purchase revenue over the long-term than the cost to acquire them.

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Predictive Lifetime Value for Remarketing

Case Study – Ecommerce

A leading retailer approached Nanigans during holiday shopping season with the goal of generating additional sales from current customers and members – both known purchasers as well as registered members who had not yet purchased.

By leveraging Facebook’s custom audience product, 200+ creative elements, and Nanigans’ Predictive Lifetime Value algorithms the retailer achieved over 100% same-day ROI and 1,000% 7-day ROI – multiple days in a row.


In addition to this impressive return, bidding based on expected lifetime value enabled the retailer to bid high enough to reach its most profitable customers – at a time when there were dramatic increases in market costs due to increased demand and limited supply of ad inventory during holiday shopping season.

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Predictive Lifetime Value for Mobile

Case Study – Mobile Gaming

PLTV_MobileA leading gaming company approached Nanigans with the goal to reach people on mobile who generated 49% ROI after 7-days — a goal set based on the average ROI the gaming company was achieving on mobile ad networks with CPA based bidding and optimization.

By leveraging Facebook mobile app install ads and Nanigans’ Predictive Lifetime Value based bidding and optimization algorithms, the company generated this same 49% ROI in half the time. After the same 7-day timeframe, Predictive Lifetime Value generated 78% ROI – a 52% increase over CPA based optimization.

Predictive Lifetime Value ensured the company acquired customers who not only installed the app, but who made in-app purchases.

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