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Facebook’s Top Ad Seller Nanigans Expands To Twitter’s MoPub After Hitting $500M A Year In Spend

“Is a dollar best spent on Facebook ads or across tons of apps via MoPub’s ad exchange? Nanigans can now tell you. It took the last four years of growth to become one of the biggest Facebook Ads API tools managing $500 million a year in spend, with over 60% on mobile. Today it looks beyond Facebook for the first time, teaming up with MoPub to serve ads on thousands of mobile apps and sites.”

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Facebook Ad Dollars Continue Move to Mobile

“According to data from Nanigans, advertisers continued to shift their dollars from PCs to mobile devices last quarter. In Q3 2014, mobile accounted for 62.0% of Facebook ads served on the source’s platform worldwide, compared with 38.0% for desktop.”

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Facebook Predicted to Post 60% Rev Gain, News Ads Power Growth

“A key part of Facebook’s mobile advertising surge has been its app install ads. Along with unpublished page post ads and standard right-column ads, Facebook ad partner Nanigans estimates the three formats accounted for 95% of total ad spend through its platform in the quarter.”

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Gaming Advertisers Aren’t Playing Around on Facebook – CPMs Are Up More Than 500%

“The gaming/Facebook love affair is showing no signs of cooling off. CPMs among gaming advertisers on Facebook were up 548% year over year in Q3 2014, according to Facebook ad partner Nanigans in its most recent benchmark report. To put that into perspective, e-commerce advertisers saw a 255% year-over-year increase in CPMs.”

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Will Ashton, Managing Director EMEA at Nanigans – Shares Insights

“In 2014, Nanigans further expanded our London office and launched new offices in Singapore and Sydney, bringing our total number of offices from four to six. We also nearly doubled the volume of ad spend managed through our software this year, with $500M in annualized ad spend managed by ecommerce, gaming, and other Internet companies. This growth has been achieved on only $9M in venture capital since the company’s inception in 2010.”

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