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How an ‘Oddball’ Team Created One of Facebook’s Biggest Threats to Google

“As Facebook’s user growth eventually slows, the Audience Network will be a big factor in allowing it to grow its revenue without overstuffing ads on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s a big threat to Google, which has long been the dominant player.

‘Facebook is coming in and disrupting that,’ says Ben Tregoe, VP of business development at automated-advertising company Nanigans.”

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How Instagram Polices its Growing Ad Business

“Ad tech firm Nanigans, for one, has 40 percent of its advertisers buying on Instagram because of its ease of adoption, said Tregoe. ‘If customers are used to buying on Facebook, then Instagram is an easy transition for them,’ he said.”

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Valentine’s Day: Does Facebook Ad Spend Mirror Gift Purchases?

“Nanigans found that substantial increases in purchases occur Feb. 10 and, not surprisingly, Feb. 13, but advertisers seem to focus on the time in between.”

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How Brands Extend the Social Reach of their Super Bowl Ads

“While advertisers on Facebook may not pay the same types of premiums as they do to air a TV ad during the game, many marketers do increase their spending on the social network during the Super Bowl, according to data from Nanigans.”

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Video Advertising For 2016: The Data-backed Do’s And Don’ts

“Video has caught on with performance advertisers across industries, but as the ad format becomes much more prevalent, it’s arguably harder to break through to users themselves. Digital marketers need to be keenly aware of what gets attention and generates conversions.”

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