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Over Half of Facebook Advertisers Now Also Spending on Instagram

“A recent report by automated advertising platform Nanigans demonstrates Instagram’s continued growthas a UA channel for mobile game developers.”

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Growth Hacking How-to: 5 Examples from Nanigans’ Austin Gardner-Smith

“As the VP of product marketing for the relatively young and rapidly-expanding digital advertising firm Nanigans (as well as the former Streetwise Media founding product lead), Austin Gardner-Smith knows a thing or two about joining a company and growing it fast during its early stages.”

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Advertisers up their Facebook Video Spend

“Mobile video ad spend on Facebook grew 26% from the fourth quarter last year to the first quarter in 2016, Nanigans reports.”

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Why you Should be Looking at Facebook’s Audience Network

“The results (registration required) showed that FAN placements commanded roughly 16 percent of total budgets but drove 21 percent of installs. In terms of raw increases, the FAN placements boosted total install numbers by 26 percent.”

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Facebook Audience Network is Paying off in Spades

“App marketers who use FAN have noted a 26% increase in app-installs over ads served through Facebook’s native ads during Q1 2016. The Nanigans report analyzed results from the 30 mobile app install advertisers that spend the most money within its network during the three-month period ended March 31.”

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