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Instagram Ad Rollout Will Make It the Top Media Buy: New Research

“In June 2015, Instagram rolled out the call-to-action buttons Shop Now, Learn More and Install Now, which take users to mini-apps within Instagram, rather than brand websites. That way, users stay on Instagram once they’ve shopped, learned and installed.”

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What Changed for Facebook E-Commerce Advertisers During the Holidays?

“One of the largest discrepancies was found in purchases on weekends, with Nanigans reporting that weekends represented “peak purchasing days” during the holiday shopping season, while the top day of the week during 2014 overall was Thursday.”

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Consumers Respond to Facebook Ads Differently During the Holidays

“While Thursday is the peak purchasing day for Facebook advertisers during most of the year, Saturday and Sunday dominate during November and December, a new Nanigans report finds.”

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Global Guide: Facebook Advertising In Europe And The Americas

“While Europe and the Americas have generally been desirable markets for advertisers due to their sizable numbers of developed or developing markets, the stats…highlight that there remain some striking differences and similarities between countries on a number of key ad-specific metrics.”

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Nanigans’ Advertising Automation Software Going to Instagram

“’We’ve seen growing demand from both current and prospective customers to access the Instagram advertising ecosystem programmatically,’ said Ric Calvillo, co-founder and CEO of Nanigans.”

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