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This Quarter In Facebook: Engagement Rates Up As Costs Come Down

“Video ads are currently commanding 16% of global Facebook advertising spend running through Nanigans software. While this may not seem dramatic on the surface, the fact that this has grown three percentage points, or 23% quarter-over-quarter, is noteworthy.”

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Can You Boost Your Video Ad Odds? Yes, with These Five Best Practices

“Nanigans…knows increasing numbers of marketers are turning to video advertising on social channels to get their messages to consumers. So, what are Nanigans‘ five best tips?”

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Food Publishers are Early Winners of Facebook Video

“Video ads on the site accounted for 22 percent of total ad spend in June, according to ad tech firm Nanigans. But Facebook’s decision to autoplay video by default, coupled with its squishy definition of a view, means that its video success comes with a few qualifications.”

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More Facebook Spending Goes Toward Video Ads in 2Q

“More advertising spending on Facebook went toward video ads in the second quarter of 2015, according to the latest research from Nanigans, a Facebook Marketing Partner.”

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The Agency On Reviews & Rebates; Dynamic TV Slow Adoption

“Publishers participating in Facebook’s Instant Articles rollout appear happy with the program…Why the instant adoption despite earlier publisher unease? Because social media platforms are gaining massive market share as news sources”

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