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Instagram CPM is Still Lower than Facebook, but Not by Much: Report

“Instagram’s ad product is still relatively nascent, but a recent report from Nanigans proves that brands are growing fond of its development under the aegis of parent company, Facebook.”

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A Look Back at the Stats Behind the 2016 Facebook Holiday Advertising Season

“From October through December 2016, e-commerce advertisers on Facebook conducted their annual tradition of clamoring for holiday season shoppers. While different brands have varying methods for determining which users to target, the aggregate results pointed to mobile and dynamic ads being big hits. Overall, advertising costs expectedly rose from non-holiday levels thanks to increased competition.”

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Facebook: Time For The Ad Engine To Kick In

“Using blended industry data from Salesforce marketing cloud and Nanigans, I projected the current average CPC, CPM, and CTR for FB ads. This data represents the global average benchmark (using hundreds of millions of ad impressions and engagements) from the two ad platforms. While the estimate may differ slightly from Facebook’s internal data, the important takeaway is that we can double revenue if we double our CPC as you will see later in the projections.”

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Facebook Ads Drove More Shoppers to Buy Over the Holidays

“Facebook Inc.’s ads delivered results for retail marketers in the crucial fourth quarter, according to social media advertising firm Nanigans.

The vendor, which released a report examining 20 of the highest-spending e-commerce and game advertisers that used its platform over the past year, says the average return on its clients’ Facebook ad spend grew 33% in the fourth quarter. That was helped in part by e-commerce purchase rates growing 68%.”

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Instagram’s Ad Business Is on a Rapid Trajectory

“Ad automation firm Nanigans said 54% of its customers were advertising on Instagram in April 2016, up from 31% in October 2015. Additionally, Nanigans said average monthly client ad spending on the service rose 29% between February 2016 and April 2016.”

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