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What Marketers Should Know About Instagram’s Latest Tests and Rollouts

“Much like with Facebook, the team at Instagram regularly tweaks the ad experience in a bid to improve advertiser results over time. You’ve probably already seen one of the most recent examples of this, with Instagram rolling out a major change to ad calls to action (CTAs) on the platform back in mid-June.

After conducting a two-month-long study on the change as part of my work at Nanigans, we observed gaming advertisers seeing noteworthy improvements in terms of cost per install, click-to-download conversion rates, and click-through rates.”

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After Ad Tech Spending Spree, It’s Time For Cheetah Mobile To Go To Market

“Cheetah Mobile’s been on the prowl for ad tech since 2015, when it paid $58 million for French mobile performance marketing company MobPartner.

The MobPartner acquisition is the cornerstone of Cheetah’s plan to transform itself from utility app publisher into a mobile ad vendor with global chops. Cheetah’s vision became clearer when it took the lead on a $24 million investment in Facebook ad partner Nanigans in March 2015, and it plunked down $57 million more in August to snap up French news aggregator app News Republic.”

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Instagram Relaunches CTA Ads, Aids Gaming Advertisers

“Since relaunching its call-to-action (CTA) ads, Instagram has seen a “significant and positive effect” for gaming advertisers — in terms of click-to-install conversion rates (CVR) and cost-per-install (CPI).

That’s according to new findings from the Facebook (and Instagram) ad specialists at Nanigans. Ad click-through-rates (CTR) also showed moderate increases after the format change was introduced, the firm found.”

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Instagram’s Redesigned Call-to-Action Button Gets More Clicks for Gaming Brands, New Features

“Instagram’s redesigned call-to-action button on its direct-response ads has contributed to higher conversion rates at lower effective costs for certain advertisers. And now it’s getting even more attention-getting features from Instagram in hopes of eliciting even more clicks.”

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The Stat-Backed Holiday Advertising Tips to Know for 2016

“For e-commerce marketers looking to capitalize on the largest shopping season of the year, online advertising becomes a game of inches. While the underlying motivations of shoppers are important during the holiday season, so are the on-the-ground behavioral trends.

This is something I helped study as part of Nanigans’ latest holiday e-commerce advertising report (email registration required), where we examined a full year’s worth of Facebook advertising activity across our wide range of e-commerce-focused clients, noting average differences in same-advertiser November and December metrics from pre-holiday levels.”

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