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Nanigans Serving Over 10k Facebook Ad Impressions Every Second

“Nanigans’ focus is on the true ROI of your Facebook campaign.”

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While Zuckerberg is in town, Nanigans Touts Big Facebook Ad Numbers

“Boston ad delivery startup Nanigans Inc. delivered 80 billion ad impressions on the social giant in the third quarter alone.”

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Can Facebook Lure the Big Fish?

“Facebook is arguably the most transformational media platform of our time,’ explained Ric Calvillo, CEO of Nanigans, a fully automated Facebook advertising solution built specifically for large-scale advertisers.”

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Chart of the Day: The Millions of Ad Spending on Facebook in Context

“Facebook’s US ad spending per user is tiny when you compare it to other big ad-reliant industries, as you can see in this chart from Nanigans.”

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7 Ways to Play Facebook’s New Social Feedback Loop

“And in the words of Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, we’re most anxious about what you can do with this next generation of the Open Graph.”

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