Q2 2018 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Q2 2018 saw, for the first time, video take over as the dominate Facebook ad format as global investment surged. This complete report has all the latest benchmarks for data-driven Facebook advertising at scale.

How Hopscotch Profitably Grows Online Sales with Facebook

Hopscotch, the India-based online retailer of baby and kids apparel, has dramatically scaled its Facebook advertising efforts, all while driving higher ROAS and more profitable customer acquisition. See how they did it with Nanigans.

Q1 2018 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Advertisers on Facebook leaned into mobile and video ads at the start of 2018, especially in the ecommerce and retail space. This complete report has all the latest global benchmarks for data-driven Facebook advertising.

Online Jeweler CaratLane Achieves ROI Gold with Nanigans and Facebook Advertising

When CaratLane’s in-house marketing team began hitting the limits of what Facebook’s native ad tools could do, they turned to Nanigans to drive higher returns and accelerate growth on a massive scale.

5 Steps to Get Started with Incrementality

How much revenue does your brand generate when it spends money on advertising compared to when it doesn't? The answer lies in incrementality. Follow these steps to start integrating incrementality into your advertising decisions.

How MVF Scaled Growth 6X with Data-Driven Facebook Advertising

See how MVF -- a leading UK technology company specialising in B2B and B2C customer-generation across financial services, education, and healthcare -- used Nanigans to generate high-quality leads at lower costs with higher return on ad spend.

The Financial Hit of Bad Retargeting

A flawed approach to retargeting is creating a major missed opportunity for ecommerce advertisers -- to the tune of $5B in the U.S. alone. Learn about the real consequences of ignoring incrementality in digital advertising.

Q4 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

The 2017 holiday season was marked by strong growth in video and dynamic ads for marketers on Facebook. Get the full report for the latest performance benchmarks and insights on the most important trends shaping the marketplace.

Retargeting provider

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Retargeting Provider

For advertisers still willing to tolerate a lack of transparency and arbitraging of media as the cost of doing retargeting, this infographic offers six important questions to ask your provider.

Q3 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Mobile, video, and dynamic ad growth lead to a strong Q3 2017 for profit-driven advertisers on Facebook. Download the full report for the exclusive data behind these trends, the latest performance marketing benchmarks, and more.

Real-Time Bidding: What Happens in 200 Milliseconds?

More than ever before, marketers rely on real-time bidding (RTB) to deliver ads that help grow their business. The RTB ad buying process happens faster than the blink of an eye, but this infographic outlines everything you need to know.

How Playdemic and Nanigans Teamed Up for a Smash Hit Global Game Launch on Facebook

Prior to launching the hit game Golf Clash, Playdemic tested many advertising solutions on the market. What did they discover? No other platform could deliver the scale and performance of Nanigans.

Q2 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

With accelerating growth in mobile and dynamic ad retargeting, Q2 2017 was strong for ecommerce advertisers on Facebook. Get all the latest benchmarks and analysis in this must-read report for performance marketing teams.

How Volka Mastered the Facebook Advertising Game and Grew Revenue 50% with Nanigans

For social and mobile game makers, acquiring users and growing revenue requires a sophisticated approach to digital advertising, particularly on Facebook. Take a look at Volka's winning strategy.

SeatGeek’s Instagram Ad Home Run: Increasing Mobile Ticket Sales with Nanigans

Learn how SeatGeek optimized mobile app install ads on Instagram with a strategy of hyper-targeted and consistently refreshed creative, successfully increasing the number of people who made a purchase through the app.

Q1 2017 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Q1 2017 saw greater ad spending, higher return on ad spend, and increased investment in mobile, especially among ecommerce advertisers on Facebook. Find these insights and more in this must-read report for profit-driven advertisers.

Instagram Advertising Performance Snapshot: February 2017

Advertisers are betting big on Instagram thanks to higher ROI at scale. This report offers exclusive data and insight into how top online retailers and mobile game developers are scaling picture-perfect growth with profit-driven advertising.

Q4 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

The holidays delivered higher return on ad spend on Facebook in Q4 2016, as advertisers turned to dynamic and mobile video ads more than ever before. This report outlines important benchmarks to inform campaign strategy in the year ahead.

Facebook Video Advertising Rewind: Benchmarks and Trends from 2016

Advertisers are flocking to video ads faster than ever on Facebook. The exclusive data and insights in this report will help inform more strategic decisions on your Facebook advertising plans for the new year ahead.

The Mobile Game Marketer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

As millions of people unwrap new smartphones this holiday season, mobile game marketers with winning ad creative have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate user and revenue growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Scale Lead Generation with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads

Are you maximizing the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads for lead generation? Get creative best practices, expert insights, and proven strategies for not only generating more leads, but for finding the highest value leads at scale.

Mobile Game Advertising Benchmarks: A Cheat Sheet for Winning the Holidays on Facebook

Despite the competition, profit-driven game advertisers shouldn’t shy away from Facebook during the holidays. This report features all the data game marketers need to find the most valuable new users among Q4’s new smartphone and tablet owners.

Profit-Driven Advertising: From Marketing Cost To Revenue Driver

Most of your digital ad spend is wasted on people who won’t become repeat customers. This white paper explores how a profit-driven advertising model based on predictive lifetime value and data transparency can drive up your bottom line and fuel growth in your marketing budget.

A Step in the Right Direction: M. Gemi Scales Cost-Efficient Customer Acquisition on Instagram

Learn how shoe brand M.Gemi used Nanigans advertising automation software to retarget existing Facebook audiences on Instagram with pre-tested creative, significantly scaling efforts while cutting acquisition costs.

Q3 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

In Q3 2016, Facebook advertisers achieved higher returns as growth surged in Audience Network, mobile, and video ads. This report reveals key performance benchmarks for marketing teams taking a profit-driven approach to Facebook advertising.

The Online Retailer’s Creative Playbook for Profit-Driven Holiday Advertising

This guide features creative tips and examples from real-world ecommerce advertisers accelerating customer growth and sales on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By following these best practices, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition this holiday season.

European Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

To give marketers in Europe and beyond critical insights for profit-driven advertising on Facebook, this report dives into performance benchmarks and best practices from countries across the continent.

Holiday Facebook Advertising Checklist

The holiday shopping season can be the most prosperous time of year for retailers. However, it’s also one of the most competitive, and advertisers need to stay ahead of the pack. Prepare for a successful holiday shopping season with our advertising checklist.

Game Changer: Winning Strategies for Scaling Mobile Games on Facebook

Many of today’s leading game developers rely on Nanigans advertising automation software to help them meet and exceed revenue growth goals. This guide highlights four of those innovative companies, and the winning strategies employed by their in-house advertising teams.

2016 Holiday Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Preview

To address some of the most pressing questions ecommerce advertisers have going into the competitive holiday season, this report features insights from 2015 Facebook ad campaigns from the largest retailers using Nanigans. Download the report for data on purchase behavior, advertising trends and more.

The Ecommerce Advertiser’s Guide to Customer Acquisition and Retention on Facebook

Facebook ads are a tremendous growth driver for ecommerce marketers looking to scale both customer acquisition and retention efforts. This guide features expert insights on how to best leverage Facebook and Nanigans to find and retain more customers like your best customers.

How to Build Twitter Ad Creative That Converts

To maximize the potential of Twitter advertising as a powerful growth engine, ad creative must capture attention and inspire action. This guide features creative pro tips, best practices, and real-world ad examples to level up your your Twitter ad performance.

IGG Hits ROI Goals for Lords Mobile Game Launch While Scaling Ad Spend 80X

Driving game developer IGG’s global expansion is its data-driven in-house marketing team. Learn how IGG leveraged Nanigans software to dramatically scale ad spend on Facebook while optimizing performance every step of the way.

Q2 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

In Q2 2016, marketers on Facebook generated higher return on ad spend, while adoption of new ad innovations continued to soar. This report reveals key performance benchmarks for marketing teams taking a profit-driven approach to Facebook advertising.

Instagram Advertising Benchmark Report: June 2016

Instagram advertising is rapidly becoming a valuable way to scale revenue growth on mobile. This report offers insight into how the ecosystem is growing and benchmark data on the most important trends profit-driven digital advertisers need to know.

Anatomy of a Growth Marketer

Growth hackers, in-house advertisers, customer acquisition pros—whatever you call them, a new breed of digital marketers is disrupting the status quo. Learn first-hand what makes them tick and find out how you can hire top talent to accelerate growth.

APAC Retailer Pomelo Increases Conversions 10X with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads

To increase purchase rates from shoppers browsing its website, Pomelo turned to Facebook's dynamic ads. Using Nanigans to promote highly personalized ads, Pomelo dramatically increased return on ad spend, with higher conversions and lower costs.

Advertisers Surpass Return on Ad Spend Goals by 33% Using Nanigans’ Mobile SDK

Without real-time measurement and optimization of downstream purchase behavior inside your mobile app, you may be leaving revenue on the table with inefficient digital advertising. Learn how Nanigans' mobile SDK can power greater scale and higher ROI.

The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Scaling Growth with Mobile App Install Ads

More than ever, revenue growth means mobile growth. Mobile app install ads are a critical tool for customer acquisition growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this guide, learn how to take advantage of different app install ad formats to drive performance at scale.

Facebook Audience Network Increases Mobile App Install Volume by 26%

Facebook’s Audience Network is a powerful way to unlock scale and performance for direct response advertisers on mobile. Learn how Audience Network can not only enable you to reach a larger audience, but also drive higher return on ad spend for app advertisers.

How Luxury Brand Reebonz Increased ROI 530% with High Value App Downloads

As it expanded into a new market, Reebonz needed to profitably scale its mobile app user base to attract new customers most likely to purchase. With Nanigans advertising automation software and Twitter ads, Reebonz achieved impressive performance at scale.

Trendin Sees Ecommerce ROI Soar 30% Using Nanigans for Facebook Dynamic Ad Retargeting

To take prior campaign success to a whole new level, Trendin used Nanigans to launch dynamic ad retargeting on Facebook, resulting in 24% greater ad spend scale and 30% higher ROI. Learn the strategy behind their success.

Q1 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

In Q1 2016, Facebook advertising delivered higher return on ad spend for retailers, and global growth in video ads continued to accelerate. This report features essential global benchmark data to help inform strategic Facebook advertising at scale.

The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising can be a powerful revenue driver for marketers who know how to combine eye-catching creative with action-inspiring direct response tactics. This guide is full of creative insights to help you accelerate growth and start achieving real results that boost the bottom line.

Elex Mobile Game Growth Surges 12X with Nanigans and Facebook Ads

Elex has become one of China's leading mobile game developers, and profit-driven Facebook advertising with Nanigans is key to their success. Learn how Elex achieved dramatic growth and higher ROI on a global scale.

The Complete Guide to Direct Response Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is the world’s fastest growing display ad channel, offering the unique chance to reach customers with the exact right message at the perfect moment in time. Get targeting insights, best practices, and more to power Twitter advertising success at scale.

Playkot Grows Game Revenue on Facebook with Nanigans Predictive Optimization

Playkot has achieved worldwide success as one of Russia's leading game developers, and high-ROI Facebook advertising is a key part of their revenue growth strategy. Learn how they increased average revenue per user by 59% using Nanigans' revenue optimization.

Asia-Pacific Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Facebook advertising in Asia-Pacific presents a massive opportunity. This report offers marketers in APAC and beyond insights to inform higher-ROI Facebook ads, with performance benchmarks and best practices from specific markets in the region.

How Dashlane Scaled Twitter Advertising Success with Nanigans

Extending direct response advertising to new channels is often critical for increasing ROI at scale. To boost mobile app installs and grow its customer base, Dashlane launched Twitter ad campaigns using Nanigans -- and achieved huge performance gains as a result.

Getting Creative with Facebook and Instagram Video Advertising

Lights, camera, call-to-action! To maximize the power of video for direct response advertising, you need to get creative. This free guide has everything you need to start generating higher revenues using Facebook and Instagram video ads today.

How to Generate Higher Value Leads at Scale with Nanigans for Twitter Advertising

To scale Twitter advertising, marketing teams often need more powerful tools than what Twitter's native platform has to offer. Learn how a large-scale lead generation advertiser's switch to Nanigans paid off through better conversion rates and higher-quality leads.

Lead Generation: 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview

Facebook is a powerful channel for business generating leads through online advertising. This report answers critical questions like: When is competition for leads traditionally lowest? When do conversion rates tend to peak? How have the largest advertisers achieved success?

PlayQ Scores 26% Higher Mobile Revenues for Charm King with its Seasonal Strategy

When its competitors scaled back Facebook advertising during the holidays, PlayQ stepped up its game. Learn how data-driven testing, creative ingenuity, and Nanigans' mobile optimization led PlayQ to achieve impressive revenue growth at scale.

featured image - The Playbook LTV

LTV: A Tale Of Two Shoppers – The Playbook, Ep. 9

This week, Lauren from New York emailed us with a question - “How do I get my ‘old media’ boss to understand LTV? Can you give me an example?” - and our host Erik Mansur fires back with “A Tale of Two Shoppers,” explaining why companies need to modernize their approach to building customer loyalty in the digital age -- and how that can be accomplished through online advertising.

Conquering Analysis Paralysis – The Playbook, Ep. 8

Managing digital advertising campaigns can be empowering, exciting, and...overwhelming. Which performance metrics should you monitor daily, and which can you filter out? Learn about which campaign KPIs are most worthy of your time and focus.

APAC Retailer Boosts App Install Rates 62% Using Nanigans Mobile SDK

As mobile commerce explodes in China, retailers are finding that growing their mobile app user base is critical to driving higher revenues. Learn how one ecommerce giant used Nanigans' powerful in-app tracking to optimize Facebook ad campaigns at scale.

Minimizing Complexity In Digital Advertising – The Playbook, Ep. 7

There are many factors that make executing a successful campaign all the more difficult. The right tools and capabilities can make complexities easier to manage. Learn how to streamline the management of complex ad campaigns.

Advertising with Lookalike Audiences – The Playbook, Ep. 6

Once you've found a high-performing audience using interest and keyword targeting, how do you scale user acquisition ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Find out why targeting "lookalike audiences" is a critical strategy for growth.

Scaling Campaign Success – The Playbook, Ep. 5

After a successful ad campaign launch, how do you maintain a high level of performance and ROI? Learn about two different campaign phases -- launch and scale -- and how to effectively maximize returns in each to stay competitive.

The Truth About Digital Advertising Budgets – The Playbook, Ep. 4

If you have a budget of $90K to spend on Instagram advertising for user acquisition, how do you allocate it most effectively to drive the best possible performance? Learn the importance of dynamic budgeting and the difference between "explore" and "exploit."

Online Video Ads: Interstitial vs. Autoplay – The Playbook, Ep. 3

The popularity of video ads is exploding, but what is the best way to use them to drive more revenue? Learn the difference interstitial and native autoplay video ads, and why it’s important to tailor your approach to the unique requirements of both.

User Value in Online Advertising – The Playbook, Ep. 2

If your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad strategy is based solely on driving the least expensive app installs, purchases, or email registrations, you may be leaving significant revenue on the table. Learn why it's critical to optimize campaigns for true lifetime value.

The Cost of Testing Online Ads – The Playbook, Ep. 1

When testing online ads, how big should your sample set be? How much of your budget should you expect to spend to determine whether an ad is getting in front of the right audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Watch and learn!

Q4 2015 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Q4 2015 delivered strong return on Facebook ad spend for retailers, as purchase rates and average order values soar. This report highlights key global performance trends to fuel smarter data-driven Facebook advertising strategies in 2016.

The 2016 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

As the Facebook ad ecosystem rapidly evolves, it’s up to digital advertisers to take advantage of every new opportunity that arises. In this eBook, you'll find all the trend insights and best practices you need to drive more revenue on Facebook in 2016.

How Dynamic Product Ads Have Transformed Retargeting on Facebook

With Facebook's Dynamic Product Ads, retailers are driving more purchases and higher return on ad spend. This study analyzes revenue-related retargeting performance of Dynamic Product Ads and Website Custom Audiences across three of Nanigans’ largest retail advertisers.

Instagram Advertising: The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Finding and Scaling Success

Performance marketers worldwide are eager to master Instagram and reach its 400 million users. This guide offers creative best practices, ad and audience insights, and tips for scaling success to help data-driven advertisers start powering true business growth on Instagram.

How Advertisers on Instagram are Achieving Higher Returns for Less

Instagram is proving to be a highly effective advertising channel for marketers looking to increase revenue on mobile. Find out how a commerce giant and a growing flash sale retailer increased purchase rates and return on ad spend on Instagram.

The Marketing Executive’s Guide to Recruiting In-House Digital Advertising Talent

Demand for skilled in-house advertisers is on the rise. This eBook contains recruiting tips on outside-the-box skill sets to look for, suggestions on the responsibilities an in-house candidate might take on, and ways to ensure retention of top digital marketers.

From Mail Order to Mobile: How a Traditional Catalog Retailer Keeps Attracting Shoppers in the Digital Age

Shoppers are more mobile than ever, and retailers are challenged to reach customers on the go. Learn how one catalog retailer retooled its strategy for the digital age, driving more mobile purchases and higher engagement with Facebook dynamic product ads.

Instagram Advertising Benchmark Report: December 2015

Marketers are rapidly adopting Instagram advertising as an essential direct response channel to power real revenue growth. This report features key trends to help you plan and optimize top-performing campaigns.

How to Power Higher Returns with Facebook’s Carousel Ads

Facebook’s carousel ads give performance marketers an interactive canvas to test creative strategies for improving ROI. Learn how companies using Nanigans for ecommerce and lead generation advertising are achieving higher returns on their ad spend.

Digital Advertising Budget Calculator

Whether you're getting started on a new social channel, testing new audience combinations, or looking to scale revenues from your digital advertising, this ad budget calculator will help you estimate ad spend based on target audience size and ad units leveraged.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015: How Retailers Delivered Higher ROI with Facebook Advertising

Thanksgiving weekend is often the most important time of year for retailers advertising online, and especially on mobile. This report features holiday insights on key Facebook ad metrics including purchase rates, average order value, and return on ad spend.

Online Retailer Sole Society Scales Ad Spend 60% Using Nanigans’ Advanced Worklow Automation

For rapidly expanding ecommerce businesses, investing in more powerful marketing tools is the key to meeting aggressive revenue goals. Learn how Sole Society's in-house advertising team achieved a 20% decrease in Facebook ad CPAs while dramatically improving campaign workflow efficiency.

Facebook Carousel Ads: Creative Ways to Attract and Convert Customers

Facebook's Carousel Ads offer advertisers a flexible and dynamic canvas with limitless creative possibilities. This guide features examples and tips across industries, advertising objectives, and creative concepts to inspire your next high-performing Carousel Ad campaign.

Pocket Gems Surfaces Winning Ad Creative on Facebook and Scales Mobile Campaign 500% with Nanigans

For mobile game developers, high click-through and conversion rates are the key to achieving a low cost per install and strong return on ad spend—and creative plays an important role. Learn how Pocket Gems measured, iterated, tested, and scaled return on ad spend for its popular game, Episode.

Q3 2015 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Global Facebook advertising CTRs hit the highest levels ever, while advertisers increasingly prioritized reaching audiences on mobile and in international markets in Q3 2015. This report highlights key Facebook advertising trends every performance marketer needs to know.

The Essential Guide to Driving ROI with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s dynamic product ads are a catalog for the digital age. They’re helping marketers capture more revenue by intelligently promoting the most relevant products from their entire online store to customers on any device.

2015 Facebook Advertising Holiday Trend Preview for Ecommerce

For ecommerce marketers planning Facebook ad campaigns for the holidays, this report reveals some surprising marketplace trends. Get the performance data you need to build a strong Facebook advertising strategy during the year's busiest shopping season.

Kabam Scales Mobile Game into Top Grossing Title Using Video Ads and Nanigans Optimization

Video ads on Facebook can be one of the most engaging ways to capture user attention and grow your mobile game’s install base at scale. Learn the how Kabam’s in-house team of advertising superheroes achieved unprecedented ROI with Nanigans.

Delivering ROI: How 4 Top Ecommerce Brands are Achieving Digital Advertising Success

Leading online retailers are discovering new ways to find and engage customers in an increasingly social and mobile world. Learn how JackThreads, Adore Me, and more are using advertising automation software to deliver real ROI at scale.

InnoGames Boosts Forge of Empires Mobile Game Installs 150% on Facebook with Android Launch

The competition for mobile installs is fierce. Learn how European game developer InnoGames is leveraging advertising automation software to achieve its customer acquisition goals across new and legacy titles.

Facebook Advertising Head-to-Head: Europe vs. The Americas

Facebook’s global reach is one of the key reasons advertisers invest so heavily in the channel, but there can be striking differences in ad metrics from country to country. This infographic offers a graphical look at Facebook advertising in Europe and in the Americas.

Q2 2015 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Facebook advertising CTRs and video spend hit new highs, while CPCs dropped globally in Q2 2015. This report highlights key trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans software to manage, optimize, and measure performance marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Demonstrate 16% Lower CPI Using Video vs. Images for Gaming Advertisers

Video or image? When it comes to driving mobile app installs on Facebook, which ad creative performs better? Download the report to learn how mobile game advertisers using Nanigans are achieving more installs and lower costs at scale.

Scopely’s Proven Playbook for Unbeatable Mobile Game Advertising

Smart advertising strategy is essential for driving ROI at every stage of a mobile game's life cycle. Learn the how Scopely's in-house marketing team uses Nanigans software to run some of the most effective Facebook advertising in the game.

How Online Retailer Adore Me Reached 1,500 New Customers in 5 Days

To reach new customers over the busy holiday shopping season, leading online lingerie retailer Adore Me used Nanigans software to manage Facebook ad campaigns at an unprecedented scale. Learn the strategy that enabled Adore Me to achieve record-breaking success in just 5 days.

50 Direct Response Advertising Tips to Power Outstanding Social & Mobile Campaigns

Direct response advertisers live and die by performance. This eBook has 50 quick tips and best practices--from creative and optimization to budgeting and landing pages--to move the needle in your next performance marketing ad campaign.

Playdemic Achieves 100% ROI on Facebook Ads with Nanigans Revenue Optimization

Playdemic, one of Europe’s leading mobile games companies, made the strategic decision to manage user acquisition Facebook advertising in-house using Nanigans to optimize for lifetime value. The result? Sustainable performance and unprecedented scale.

Q1 2015 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report highlights key trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans software to manage, optimize, and measure their performance marketing ad campaigns on Facebook in Q1 2015.

Level Up: The Game Developer’s Guide to Global Advertising

Mobile app install ad campaigns are crucial to the success of any new game launch. This eBook is your guide to successfully setting up and deploying a two-week, geotargeted, large-scale game launch using Facebook and mobile RTB advertising.

From Power Editor to Nanigans: An Ecommerce Case Study

When it's time to scale your performance marketing on Facebook, sophisticated advertising automation software is essential. Learn how one ecommerce company moved from Power Editor to Nanigans and scaled campaigns 10X in the process.


Facebook Advertising: Moving from Third Party Managed Services to In-House

More and more companies are leaving behind third party middlemen and realizing the benefits of managing digital advertising in-house. Find out how one ecommerce company made the switch for Facebook advertising and is seeing huge returns as a result.

Nanigans: Advertising Automation Software at a Glance

Nanigans powers today's most successful in-house marketing teams. This guide is offers an inside look at the technology enabling performance marketers worldwide to take control of their digital advertising and drive ROI at scale.

Website Custom Audiences Enable Online Retailer to Achieve 3% CTR on Facebook

Learn how leveraging Nanigans software in-house enabled a leading online retailer to exceed its performance marketing goals through Facebook advertising, using Website Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to grow its customer base.

Q4 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

Facebook ads delivered strong Q4 2014 performance during a competitive holiday advertising season. This report includes CTR, CPC, CPM, and spend trends on Facebook’s desktop and mobile channels, analyzed from ad impressions delivered by companies leveraging Nanigans software.

The Future of Real-Time Bidding is In-House

Mastering real-time bidding, especially mobile RTB, will give you and your company a competitive advantage in the years ahead. This white paper explains how taking RTB in-house will set direct response advertisers up for long-term success.

2014 Ecommerce Holiday Advertising Trends Preview

During the holidays, the online advertising stakes are high and increased advertising competition makes strategic planning vital. To inform in-house advertisers going into the 2014 holiday season, this report highlights purchase rate and cost trends from last year, based on the top ad units leveraged by ecommerce companies on Facebook.

Q3 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report features insight on Facebook advertising trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans ad automation software in Q3 2014. It includes aggregate data on CTR, CPC, CPM, and ad spend on Facebook's desktop and mobile channels.

How to Scale a Facebook Campaign in 60 Days: The JackThreads Story

Learn how JackThreads found success when its in-house marketing team leveraged Nanigans Ad Engine to scale advertising ROI on Facebook, reducing their Cost per New User Signup by 17% over the first two months of in-house campaign management.

Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Bid Types for Facebook Advertising

See a visual explanation of Facebook’s distinct ad bid types (CPC, CPM, oCPM, and CPA), how they impact your ad’s effective reach, and tips to help you achieve your campaign ROI goals at scale.

Southeast Asian Ecommerce Company Sees 819% Yield Value with Nanigans Creative Tester

Find out how a Southeast Asian ecommerce company leveraged Nanigans Creative Tester to achieve an 819% yield value on their campaign, efficiently delivering their best ads to their best customers.

Marketing to Moms & Millennials: A Back to School Guide

Online back to school sales are projected to exceed $50 billion in 2014. For ecommerce marketers, this eBook provides best practices for managing social media ad campaigns targeting millennials, moms, and other high-volume fall shoppers.

Q2 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report

This report offers CMOs and performance advertisers key Q2 2014 benchmark data on Facebook advertising CTR, CPM, CPC, and ad spend trends to inform strategy and planning for advertising campaigns at scale.

5 Key Benefits of In-House Digital Advertising

This infographic explores the in-house advertising movement, highlighting five key benefits of this approach--from welcome cost savings to speed and performance gains that can significantly boost the bottom line.

Nanigans Custom Metrics Predict Facebook Mobile Campaign Performance and Unlock Budget

Learn how a leading ecommerce company leveraged Custom Metrics reporting in Nanigans' business intelligence tool to bid and budget more effectively during a large-scale mobile app install ad campaign on Facebook.

Nanigans Review: 40% Lower CPAs, 76% Time Savings

Blue Mango Interactive reviewed Nanigans Ad Engine, comparing our advertising automation platform to Facebook’s Power Editor. Find out how leveraging Nanigans drastically dropped CPAs month over month and delivered significant time savings in the process.

The Power of Creative Combinations: An eCommerce Case Study

A leading eCommerce retailer leveraged Nanigans Ad Engine to capitalize on the valuable Facebook News Feed and Right Hand Side real estate. By pairing various creative combinations with strategic targeting and bidding, the retailer achieved a 73X return on ad spend.

Building a Foundation for In-House Advertising Success

As more leading companies recognize the many benefits of bringing digital advertising in-house, this eBook offers practical insight and tips on how to set an in-house team up for performance marketing success.

Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything

When armed with best-in-class ad automation software, an individual in-house advertiser can achieve the scale, efficiencies, and performance beyond what’s possible through third-party teams. This eBook offers an introduction to the benefits of in-house advertising.

How an eCommerce Site Drove More than 88,700 Registrations in Under a Month

By utilizing Nanigans Ad Engine, a leading eCommerce company drove more than 88,700 registrations in under a month and still maintained a positive ROI. Learn the secret to their customer acquisition success.

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks Q1 2014

Q1 2014 Facebook Advertising Trends Report

Nanigans data shows that brands were willing to pay more for advertising in the first quarter of 2014. This report explores the latest Facebook ad trends in CPM, CPC, CTR, and RPC across desktop and mobile channels.

Getting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success

Targeting and optimization are key, but the single most important element of a successful Facebook advertising campaign is great creative. This eBook explores strategies and approaches for effective ad creative and how this often overlooked consideration impacts performance.

What a Marketer Has to Do Every Five Minutes

Automation or manual? It's the performance marketer's dilemma. In this eBook we explore the pros and cons of automated vs. manual management of Facebook advertising campaigns at scale.

Q4 2013 Facebook Global Advertising Trends Report

According to data from Nanigans’ clients in Q4 2013, advertisers found their Facebook marketing delivered more revenue-per-click quarter over quarter and year over year on desktop and mobile, despite higher costs.

Q4 2013 Facebook Retail Advertising Trends Report

Facebook advertising has significantly evolved in 2013, offering retailers a breadth of sophisticated performance marketing opportunities. This report explores the latest trends in CPM, CPC, and RPC for retailer performance marketers.

Insider’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange has grown to represent a significant portion of retargeting ad spend—it now accounts for around half of retargeted clicks on the web. This eBook explores how to make the most of FBX to meet ROI objectives at scale.

2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Offering support to CMOs and marketers, this eBook dives into the latest Facebook advertising trends and offers best practice advice to help guide you as you take advantage of the rapidly evolving Facebook advertising landscape.

Gaming Benchmark Report

Nanigans has leveraged its database of billions of digital advertising impressions served to create a benchmark report with strategy recommendations specific to gaming developers advertising on Facebook.

Finding Profitable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

Don’t be left behind now that the next phase of social media advertising is upon us. Be in the know about how you can buy and optimize your ad spend for Predictive Lifetime Value on desktop and mobile.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Performance

The surge in mobile adoption has helped to propel Facebook’s mobile base, creating new opportunities for marketers. This infographic provides mobile marketers with a baseline for ad performance to help them plan successful and effective Facebook mobile campaigns.

A Googol Ways to Target Your Audience (And It’s Not on Google)

We asked our Data Science team to estimate the targeting possibilities on Facebook. The answer is larger than we thought—Facebook offers not just more targeting opportunities than Google, but more than a Googol ways to reach your audience.

Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

Facebook is constantly updating the visual design of ads to improve user experience. Our newest Facebook infographic makes it easy to distinguish between the latest desktop and mobile ad products as well as recommended image and text creative specs for each ad type.

How a Leading Ecommerce Retailer Scaled From $4K to $20K on Mobile – in 3 Days

Find out the winning strategy behind how a leading ecommerce company scaled its mobile app install ad campaign from $4,000 to $20,000 a day in just three days, all while keeping performance in line with established goals.

Why Advertisers Can’t Leverage FBX without Native Facebook Ads API Buys

Nanigans conducted a study of over $1.2 million in sales revenue from an ecommerce giant to understand the interplay between the Facebook Ads API and FBX.

Cyber Monday Same-Day ROI Up 377% on Facebook

In reviewing 2013 data, online retailers saw on average a 198% increase in return on ad spend for the five day online sale period in in contrast to earlier in November.

Facebook Ads Placed 1-3 Weeks Prior to Thanksgiving Generate Highest Lifetime ROI

A comparison of ads placed in October, November and December 2012, showed that Facebook ads placed 1-3 weeks before Thanksgiving attracted customers who delivered the highest ROI over time.

Nanigans’ Value-Driven Automation: New Link Page Post Ads Generate 2.5X Higher ROI, Advertisers Increase Spend 3.4X

Advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ value-driven automation were immediately able to take advantage of the benefits inherent in the new link Page post ad by recognizing early ROI improvements and allocating more budget accordingly.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising: Country Targeting — Reach vs. CPC

Many marketers face a dilemma in balancing the number of targetable customers in a country and cost goals when bidding for ad placement on Facebook. In this infographic we compare country reach to average CPCs across the globe.

Invest in Your Most Valuable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

If you are managing performance marketing campaigns at scale, take a look this infographic to discover how savvy marketers are leveraging predictive lifetime value to maximize their investment today.

Facebook Advertising Case Study: Rosetta Stone

Facebook is a transparent platform where Rosetta Stone connects with their millions of fans while also attracting new customers.

Nanigans’ Agency Partner Increases Client Base by 5X

To supercharge its growth, digital agency, Constellation CK, turned to Nanigans to expand and improve their offering for delivering Facebook marketing at scale.

How to Succeed with Facebook Holiday Advertising

Whether you are well underway with your holiday planning or you haven’t started yet, this eBook will make sure you kick off the holiday season right.

Luxury Retailer Achieves 430% ROI on Facebook in 6 Days

It’s no secret that affluent consumers are flocking to Facebook in droves. Luxury marketers looking to reach this exclusive group are advertising in the Facebook News Feed to drive increased traffic to their stores.

Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report – Retail

Offering support for retail CMOs to increase their Facebook advertising budgets, the report highlights retailers achieving strong return and engagement on Facebook — averaging 152% ROI for 2013 with 3.75X higher CTRs than a year ago.

Facebook Page Post Video Ads Drive Engagement

With an audience the size of three Superbowls (300 million people per day), Facebook’s video ads should be making their way into your advertising plans this year.

Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World

With the roll out of 4G and the proliferation of devices and screens, it’s essential to understand how consumers are using their mobile devices for purchasing.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns Achieve 44% Same Day ROI

Nanigans recently conducted a study across multiple verticals to discover how effective Facebook is for driving leads and ROI.

How Scaled Its Facebook Advertising to Europe & Achieved 10X Increase in Purchase Intent

The world’s design store,, scaled its Facebook activity to Europe and achieved a 10-fold increase in people’s purchase intent by targeting potential customers with Custom Audiences.

Insider’s Guide to Advertising in the Facebook News Feed

This eBook is our guide to advertising in the Facebook News Feed, where 1.1B+ people spend their time sharing the most important parts of their lives and staying connected to the brands they care about.

Evolution in Mobile Advertising

The world of mobile advertising has been completely turned on its head — all in an incredibly short period of time. How can you ensure you haven’t already been left behind? Be in the know about about the driving forces of change.

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads provide one of the most targeted advertising opportunities today. The social network knows the demographics, interests and social connections of more than 1 billion people who are active online.

App Climbs App Store Ranking from #253 to #5 in 10 Days

We recently worked with a mobile app developer in the ecommerce space that achieved significant scale on Facebook mobile, surpassing expectations in ad spend and impression volume while meeting cost and performance targets.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce

From on average how different Facebook ad types perform for ecommerce companies to gender differences from Facebook ad click to ultimate purchase on retailer sites, we hope you enjoy this data-packed infographic.

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Marketing – Hidden Gems of Targeting

What countries should you target when advertising on Facebook? We ranked 20 countries by their number of Facebook users, average CPCs and average CTRs in an infographic to help answer the question.

Unpublished Page Posts in News Feed Drive App Installs & ROI

Download our study with a leading gaming developer to better understand how Facebook unpublished Page post ads in News Feed compare to standard domain ads when driving app installs and ultimately revenues.

5 Essential Tips for Managing Facebook Ad Campaigns at Scale

In this eBook, you’ll learn the fundamentals of running a campaign at scale, as well as what tools are available to make your life easier and your campaign successful

How Page Post Ads in News Feed Drive Direct Response and ROI

Download our Page post ads study and learn how to scale your Facebook campaign in News Feed today!

Facebook Interest Targeting Scales Delivery 3000%

Download our Facebook Interest Targeting Study and learn how targeting can make a difference between running a campaign that can deliver billions of impressions (that drive ROI) instead of just millions!

Retailer Achieves 348% ROI with Revenue Optimization

Download our case study to find out why optimizing for predictive lifetime value is critical when running a Facebook customer acquisition campaign.

News Feed Increases ROI of Facebook Exchange by 197%

Download Nanigans' latest study to better understand how page post link ads in the News Feed contribute to the success and ROI of remarketing campaigns on Facebook.

Pixeling Reduces Cost Per Purchase by 8x

Download our case study to find out why data sharing and pixeling are the most important contributing success factors to running a performance marketing campaign at scale.

Dynamic Creative Increases ROI of Facebook Exchange by 5x

Download our case study and learn more about how the Facebook remarketing efforts of a large online retailer led to a 5x increase in ROI.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Delivers 52% Higher ROI Than Mobile Ad Networks

Download our case study and learn how Nanigans' platform delivered a 51.7% increase in ROI over other mobile ad networks.