Insider’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Exchange

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Facebook introduced Facebook Exchange (FBX)—the first social media real-time bidding ad exchange in June 2012. FBX lets advertisers capture the bottom of the sales funnel by purchasing Facebook ad inventory that retargets users based on their browsing behavior or intent shown on their website.

Since then, FBX has grown to represent a significant portion of retargeting ad spend—it now accounts for around half of retargeted clicks on the web. And numerous studies have proven its effectiveness for boosting sales and ROI.

In this latest eBook we explore how advertisers can make the most of FBX to meet their ROI objectives at scale.

What’s inside:

  • How FBX works
  • Strategies and approaches for your FBX campaigns
  • Case studies on FBX performance
  • A comparison of FBX to other exchanges
  • Best practices for maximizing your FBX campaigns




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