Facebook Display Advertising

Find and Invest in Your Best Customers

Nanigans empowers in-house marketers to acquire, remarket, and scale a profitable customer base.

Nanigans advertising automation software has enabled more than 200 of the world’s largest performance marketers to efficiently drive billions of conversions such as purchases, registrations, and app installs.

A Facebook Marketing Partner, Nanigans builds the technology that today’s most sophisticated advertisers use to find and invest in their best customers through:

Workflow Automation

Save time and maximize efficiency with an easy-to-use and comprehensive interface for ad creation, bidding, budgeting, testing, and deployment

Predictive Optimization

Acquire high-value customers and drive ROI with Predictive Lifetime Value® based automated bidding and optimization algorithms

Business Intelligence

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime performance using 100+ reporting parameters with interactive visualizations and dashboards

Nanigans’ cloud marketing platform has resulted in numerous widely publicized success stories, such as acquiring customers with 10X greater purchase intent and 2X higher lifetime value and scaling $1M in Facebook ad spend for 1 client in 1 day – profitably.
Maximize ROI on Facebook

The Opportunity

Facebook is all the people who matter to your brand, where they discover what matters to them.

With a 1.32 billion person global audience and deeply engaged user base, Facebook is critical to reaching your target audience at scale:

of Facebook users login every day

use Facebook while shopping

use Facebook while preparing a meal

use Facebook while working out

Put your brand in the most engaging space online, and on the most transformational marketing channel of our time.

News Feed is where people learn the latest news and updates from the people and businesses they care about on Facebook. Marketers are an important part of News Feed, with powerful ad products working to deliver relevant and engaging content to the right people at the right time:

  • Page post ads
  • Video ads

  • Custom audiences
  • Facebook Exchange

  • Partner categories
  • View-through attribution

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Case Studies

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Reach Your Best Customers on Facebook