Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Facebook Exchange & Ads API in One Platform

Achieve ROI objectives at scale using FBX in conjunction with prospecting and custom audience targeting through the native Facebook Ads API.

Facebook Exchange, or FBX, enables remarketing via real-time, impression-level bidding on Facebook’s standard ad inventory. FBX empowers advertisers to capitalize on intent shown on their website and maximize revenue at an impression level instead of an audience level.

Nanigans is uniquely positioned to maximize ROI through FBX, as a Facebook Marketing Partner with access to both the native Facebook Ads API and FBXWith 4+ years experience maximizing return on ad spend and lifetime value for the world’s leading performance marketers on social and mobile, advertisers choosing Nanigans benefit from “the assist” — leverage the Ads API to discover audiences and generate demand and FBX to close individual customers.

Boost sales revenue by 89% using Nanigans’ value-driven automation at the individual impression level.

In a recent study of $1.2M in ecommerce sales, Nanigans found that customers who entered FBX remarketing pools after first viewing a standard Facebook ad purchased 89% more in sales revenue than those who entered FBX remarketing pools from other channels, such as organically or through search.

The study also found that coupling FBX buys with prospecting through the native Facebook Ads API drove 39% additional customers into FBX remarketing pools.

Nanigans’ FBX Solution

Benefit from the “Assist”


Nanigans is a Facebook Marketing Partner with access to both the native Facebook Ads API and FBX. Discover audiences and generate demand with the native Ads API and close customers with FBX. Run FBX in conjunction with prospecting and custom audience retargeting through the native Ads API leads to meet ROI objectives at scale – and across desktop and mobile.

Scale with Confidence with Predictive Lifetime Value™


Nanigans offers the only Facebook advertising platform with lifetime ROI measurement, prediction and optimization. Nanigans’ Predictive Lifetime Value based machine learning algorithms maximize yield over the long-term at the individual impression level. These algorithms adapt and become more customized to a specific advertiser over time.

Minimize Wasted Impressions, Maximize Yield


Nanigans empowers advertisers to spend on FBX with intelligence, minimizing wasted impressions and maximizing ROI. For example, advertisers can define rules-based retargeting groups, such as people who have registered but not purchased. Advertisers also have access to real-time dynamic ad creative in the News Feed, including creative at the individual product SKU level.

Avoid Arbitrage, Enjoy Full Transparency


Nanigans’ business model is founded in a committment to building lasting, strategic partnerships. Nanigans software is offered at a fixed fee as SaaS. Advertisers licensing the platform have access to granular campaign data and reporting on 100+ parameters, including true media costs and lifetime value and ROI. Additionally, advertisings have full transparency into minute-by-minute bidding decisioning logic.

Easy Implementation


Nanigans has made it simple for its current customers to convert intent through Facebook Exchange, with a one-click “Enable FBX” feature  on any campaign managed in the software. Current customers also do not need to implement any additional pixels on their desktop properties to take full advantage of the automated, value-driven retargeting in Nanigans FBX solution.

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