Facebook Mobile Advertising

Scale a profitable mobile customer base with Nanigans’ lifetime ROI based mobile advertising solution.

Nanigans has developed the world’s first and only revenue and lifetime ROI tracking and optimization solution for Facebook mobile advertising. Don’t spend blindly. Benefit from Nanigans’ automated optimization and real-time reporting, from impression and install to in-app purchase and lifetime ROI.

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The Opportunity


Reach a 1.07 billion person mobile audience

Average person opens Facebook mobile 14 times each day


Reach core segments by demographics, affinities and behaviors

Retarget on mobile with Facebook custom audiences


Delivered in the most engaging part of Facebook

Engaging social ad units span entire screen and command attention

Nanigans’ Mobile Solution

Measure, predict and optimize for lifetime value and ROI on mobile.

  • Predictive Lifetime Value™ machine learning algorithms ensure you scale with confidence
  • Bid, optimize and measure the lifetime value and ROI of mobile audiences
  • Maximize volume and ROI with post-install, value-driven automation
  • Understand cross-channel behavior when coupling mobile with desktop buys
  • Real-time reporting on 100+ parameters, including cost, in-app purchases and lifetime ROI

Scale your mobile advertising campaigns with confidence with the best in-house technology.

The world’s largest mobile app developers, performance marketers and early adopters of social and mobile advertising at scale like eBay, Fab and Zynga choose Nanigans. Nanigans’ in-house social and mobile advertising platform supports all Facebook mobile ad types, including:

  • Mobile app install ads - Target and acquire high-value users in your core segments
  • Mobile app engagement ads - Remarket with ads that deeply link into your app
  • Page post ads - From photo to video, find and reengage lifelong users of your app

Strategy, Case Studies & Press


•  Mobile Advertising in A Multichannel World
•  Driving Forces of Change in Mobile Advertising

Case Studies

•  Nanigans Custom Metrics Predict Facebook Mobile Campaign Performance and Unlock Budget
How a Leading Ecommerce Retailer Scaled From $4K to $20K on Mobile – in 3 Days

As Featured In

•  AdWeek – Finding Facebook’s Most Extravagant Mobile Users
•  VentureBeat – How Facebook Went from Sucking at Mobile to Killing It

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