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Vital Video Advertising Facts For Facebook and Instagram Marketers

Video advertising is the rising star of the display advertising world, and with good reason. These immersive ads are more than simple pictures; they engage audiences with sights and sounds, making for a more memorable viewing experience. These rich attributes make video an ideal format for advertisers looking to share products or games with new audiences. Below are just a few things that you need to know before you launch your first — or next — video campaign on Facebook […]

Facebook Carousel Ads: Creative Ways to Attract and Convert Customers [Guide]

One of Facebook’s newest ad units is also one of its most versatile. With Carousel Ads, direct response advertisers have extra space to get creative, and there are many fantastic examples of brands taking full advantage of the opportunity. In Q3 2015 alone, advertisers using Nanigans software increased spend on Carousel Ads faster than any other ad type—spend rose 55% in just one quarter. When marketers invest time in building compelling interactive ads, engagement increases and greater return on ad spend […]

6 Instagram Ad Creative Best Practices For Digital Marketers

Instagram is the perfect platform for marketers looking to reach a young and growing audience using a universal language — images. Because visuals speak the loudest on this photo-sharing site, it’s important to make sure that your ads adhere to Instagram’s creative best practices. Here are six rules of thumb to keep in mind as you work on creating your Instagram ad campaigns. 1. Lighting and Details Every pixel matters when your ads are going to be published to users […]

Facebook Relevance Score: 3 Tactics to Boost Your Ad Effectiveness

Our last Relevance Score post touched on some of the basic things marketers need to know about the metric and how it relates to campaign strategy. In this article we look a bit more in depth regarding what precise tactics advertisers can leverage to boost an ad’s relevance to their target market. 1. Use gender-specific targeting when possible As a general rule, a Relevance Score tends to be higher for ads utilizing gender-specific targeting when compared to those using non […]

How To: Conduct An Ad Creative Test

Online marketers are told time and time again to refresh creative often, and for good reason — this approach gives social media campaigns a higher likelihood of attracting customer attention and leaves more room for optimization down the line. In our recent “How Can Online Advertisers Test Creative In Their Facebook Ads?” blog post, we provided recommendations for how to set up an A/B test of creative. In this article, we’ll be looking more in depth at the testing components. […]