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Nickel and Dimed: The Programmatic Supply Chain Fee Hits [Infographic]

It seems simple enough: An advertiser wants to run an ad on a publisher’s site. But in the digital world, what should be a party of two (an advertiser and a publisher) is a party of five or six when you include all the supply chain players. This chain creates a lot of steps between an ad and where it runs. And a lot of fees … with fee amounts determined by the middlemen themselves. Related post: In-House Programmatic: Why […]

Blockchain, Ads.txt, GDPR

Overrated or Underrated? Apple ITP, Ads.txt, Blockchain and Other Ad Tech Topics

Even for an industry accustomed to game-changing trends and shifts in strategy, the past few months have been rife with potentially disruptive forces in ad tech. But the keyword is “potentially” because some are getting too much attention while others are being underestimated. Apple ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) The lowdown: Apple recently introduced “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” as a part of its Safari browser release, now blocking the ability to send cookies to third parties determined to be “trackers.” The Verdict: […]

Nanigans on the Speaking Circuit – Ad:Tech, OMMA Social, Stanford University & More

This fall members of the Nanigans team have spoken from London to Los Angeles on panels ranging from mobile gaming to the ROI of social. Here is a recap of the panels, followed by events you can find us speaking at through the remainder of 2012. Ad:Tech London Our COO, Marc Grabowski, was invited to speak at Ad:Tech London this fall. The Ad:Tech conference series gives brands and agencies the chance to meet and learn from the most innovative players in […]