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Meet Lead Gen’s Best Friend: The Hourly Bid Multiplier

At Nanigans, we’re constantly taking in feedback and brainstorming better ways to optimize our ad automation software. Our lead gen clients asked for a way to capitalize on price fluctuations and purchasing behavior of their customers throughout the day, and Hourly Bid Multiplier was the result. What is an Hourly Bid Multiplier? All of Nanigans algorithms are trained to meet your KPIs. Depending on the bidding and budgeting option chosen, Nanigans will either spread out the dollars spent in your […]

An Insider Look at Ad Engine’s Ranking System

Have you ever wondered what sophisticated math underlies a complex ad automation platform like Nanigans Ad Engine? Surprisingly, the math that we use is intuitive even for people who have not cracked open a math textbook in a while. In this blog post, we’ll talk about one aspect of our approach. The problem with rating averages Think of the typical eCommerce site, which often features products that are sorted based on their ratings and reviews. Ranking by rating scores seems […]

What Performance Marketers Need to Know About Their Algorithms

If you’re spending millions of dollars across social and/or mobile, there’s a good chance you’re working with an agency or a SaaS platform like Nanigans. While this should be a positive and profitable experience, one question that never seems to get answered for the “customer” is “so how does this tool and these algorithms work?” The teams behind these algorithms are usually data scientists. Data scientists are smart. Most, (ours) have PhDs from the top universities around the world including […]