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Q1 2016 Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Infographic

In a recent earnings call with investors, Facebook reported that its ad revenue in Q1 2016 grew by 57% to an astonishing $5.2 billion. Rising ad spend in mobile video and higher returns for retailers are just a few key trends driving monster growth in Facebook advertising this year. Where are Nanigans customers spending their 2016 digital marketing budgets, and what ad units are driving the most ROI? Get the inside scoop from our latest infographic: Want a 360 degree view […]

Benchmark Report: Q1 2016 Delivers Higher Return on Facebook Ad Spend for Retailers

With rising year-over-year returns and more diverse ad spend allocations across verticals, the value of the Facebook ad ecosystem in Q1 2016 is likely as high as it has ever been for advertisers. Compared to Q1 2015, the top online retailers using Nanigans increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by 57%, boosted purchase rates by 171%, and drove a 17% growth in average order value (AOV). These results underscore the effectiveness of newer ad types like carousel and dynamic product […]

featured image - Carousel Ad Review

Driving Revenue: The Compelling Case For Carousel Ads

The Carousel ad format has been around for about a year and a half, but already it has become indispensable to digital advertisers. Besides letting marketers display multiple images within one interactive ad unit, Carousel ads are proven revenue drivers. According to Facebook, Carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads. Those aren’t the only impressive results advertisers have been seeing from Carousel ads. Here’s how the ad unit has performed and evolved […]

Revenue & Purchase Metrics Soar for Retail Advertisers on Facebook [Q4 2015 Report]

The holidays are behind us, but marketers are likely still feeling the revenue impact of a huge quarter for Facebook advertising. For online retailers in particular, purchase activity driven from the social network was significant. The top ecommerce advertisers using Nanigans drove quarter-over-quarter return on ad spend increases of 87%, while purchase rates shot up 68% and average order values grew 49%. Q4 2015 was also defined by higher overall Facebook ad spending, and greater adoption of next-generation ad products […]

Instagram Advertising Benchmarks: December 2015 [Report]

Following rapid growth over the past several years, Instagram now boasts one of the largest user bases among any social network. After Instagram launched its advertising ecosystem in 2014 with a focus on brand awareness, direct response advertisers are now benefiting significantly from recent innovations on one of the world’s leading mobile ad platforms. In-house marketing teams leveraging Nanigans advertising automation have been quick to adopt the company’s Instagram advertising solution. After strong initial success, we’re seeing Instagram evolve into […]