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The Data Doesn’t Lie: Men are Last Minute Shoppers on Valentine’s Day

If there is a day outside of Christmas where a sizable percentage of Americans are expecting gifts, it’s Valentine’s Day. But unlike the holiday season where most Americans make their purchases weeks or months in advance, U.S. purchase and ad spend data indicate that advertisers are most focused on — and see the best results from — last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. Below, you can see how 2015 ecommerce purchase rates from Facebook advertising rose by 47% during Valentine’s Day week, […]

4 Common Myths About Facebook Bidding, Busted

Do you think you know everything about Facebook bidding? Let’s take a moment to debunk the myths that are commonly held among digital marketers. You’d be surprised that even large-scale advertisers still believe them. Myth: If I bid too high, Facebook will cap my effective reach. Busted: As far as we are aware, Facebook does not have such a logic in place to try and cap your effective reach just because you are bidding very high. Bidding higher means you […]

Digital Advertising Budget Calculator [Interactive Tool]

Effective Facebook advertising involves countless variables – audience targeting, marketplace competition, bidding strategies, conversion rates, and so much more. To cut down on some of the uncertainty and provide digital marketers with a better sense of what to expect for campaign reach and spend, we’ve built a simple ad budget calculator based on Nanigans’ years of deep social and mobile advertising experience. Whether you’re testing new audience combinations or looking to drive higher revenues from advertising by scaling your existing […]

Facebook Ad Campaign Pacing: 3 Common Bidding and Budgeting Questions

Pacing is a basic concept in the world of online advertising, yet it can have a strong impact on the performance of ad campaigns. Improper pacing can lead to budgets spent too quickly or underdelivering on volume goals. Even if you are reaching your spend goals by the afternoon, you may be missing out on even better opportunities later in the day. With proper pacing, advertisers are able to easily analyze whether different hours of the day impact campaign performance and […]

Digital Advertising Bidding & Budgeting Primer: Correlated Actions

Whether it’s a target cost per install, cost per click or cost per new member signup, digital marketers often have a primary metric in mind when they launch and monitor the performance of a new social media advertising campaign. However, in-house advertisers armed with historical data and a deep understanding of customer purchase behavior can leverage their knowledge to further optimize a campaign. The 411 on Correlated Actions Nanigans software provides an optional setting known as Correlated Actions, where campaign […]