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Predictive Lifetime Value: A Game Changer For Mobile App Developers

It takes a lot of time, energy and investment to create compelling virtual worlds that users can get lost in. Naturally, once a mobile app is ready for launch, game developers are anxious to see all the hard work pay off. Obsessively checking install rates and app store rankings is a logical next step – but that kind of laser focus on surface-level metrics can lead to trouble down the road. Yes, it’s important to build a new mobile game’s […]

Optimize Mobile Clicks and Conversions with Direct Integration

Everyone knows that whatever marketing goals you have for your mobile app, you can’t meet them without leveraging the right data. In the early days of mobile app marketing, the only real way to get data out of an app for optimization was to install a Software Development Kit (SDK) so that the app would provide the data first hand through direct integration.  However, fast-forward to 2015 and today’s mobile app marketer has a number of options — such as […]

How to Use Cohort Analysis to Find Your Most Valuable Ads

Measurement and analysis is the backbone of any successful digital marketing strategy. But traditional analytics gives all visitors the same weight and as a result, lack insight into how people behave over time. Measuring this behavior and common characteristics among groups of users can lead to insight that helps drive campaign strategy. This is why cohort analysis should be a key tool when you are measuring any marketing campaign. First, let’s define the term: Cohort analysis is a subset of […]

Fire Your Marketing Department (If They Don’t Use Cohort Analysis)

“A few years ago, my HR business partner said that she doesn’t fire people, they fire themselves. I couldn’t agree more!” — Marc Grabowski, COO of Nanigans. Underperformance is a typical reason for employee dismissal, but with performance marketing it’s not as simple as looking at results and making a judgment call. Performance is based on the metrics a marketer has at hand. If they are looking at the wrong metrics, their success will be falsely represented. Smart marketers are […]

The Reporting Dashboard GM Never Had

General Motors (GM) made headlines last spring when it pulled its ad budget from Facebook days before the social network’s IPO, citing vague performance reasons. The auto giant is in advertising headlines once again this week as it undergoes an agency review. Rather than seeking out new agencies or writing off an entire advertising channel (nonetheless the most popular website that is frequented by more than 1 billion people), perhaps instead GM is in need of a best-in-class reporting dashboard. […]