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What is Nanigans?

Last month, Ad Age ran a poll titled “What’s the Worst Name in Ad Tech?” We were honored to be nominated, and disappointed to come in third place. We get “What is Nanigans?” all the time from friends and family. It’s a silly name, true, but also memorable, and not likely to be confused with the “Data,” “Ad” and “Media” names crowding the digital advertising space. While our sense of humor is obvious, we’re also incredibly serious about our software […]

Nanigans Sharpened Focus on Software for the In-House Advertiser

Since Nanigans’ inception in 2010, we’ve always focused our resources on doing best by our customers – the advertiser. We moved away from arbitrage and media markup models early on, instead offering direct-to-publisher media buying alongside transparency into cost data and the minute-by-minute decisioning logic of our algorithms. We then moved to focus on building technology, algorithms and tools to help customers drive real business goals on social, like purchases and lifetime ROI – and at a time when the […]

Nanigans Office Tour [Slide Show]

This presentation was originally published on VentureFizz. When VentureFizz asked us to contribute to their office tour series we jumped at the opportunity! We’re very proud of Nanigans’ HQ here at 60 State St. and we couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. As you’ll see in the SlideShare below our office space is a true representation of Nanigans’ culture–our open office space encourages collaboration, thought-swapping and support when there is a problem. We would like to thank VentureFizz for […]

Inside Nanigans — An Interview with The Boston Globe [Video]

The Boston Globe dropped by Nanigans’ Boston headquarters last week to tour our office and interview our co-founders, Ric Calvillo and Claude Denton. The interview offers an inside glance at why we began Nanigans, and the challenges we’re solving across social and mobile advertising with our predictive lifetime value SaaS platform for performance marketing at scale. The video provides an inside look at the key forces behind Nanigans’ momentum and growth to 100+ employees in 4 offices across the globe, […]

Why Our Executive Team Didn’t Write Our ‘Culture Deck’

This article was originally published on Harvard Business Review. Boston is teeming with entrepreneurship. The “startup renaissance” that followed the financial crisis of 2009 has led to as many acquisitions as it has public companies. For the founders and CEOs of many startups, the recent influx of additional tech giants to Boston like Amazon, eBay and Twitter means that hiring – especially when it comes to engineers – will become even more challenging. With far deeper pockets than early- and […]