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How to Apply the Conversion Funnel to Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Any marketer or salesperson worth his or her salt is well-acquainted with the “marketing funnel” (sometimes called the “purchase funnel”), a system for categorizing leads based on where they stand in the buying process and delivering content or calls-to-action accordingly. What you say to someone unacquainted with your brand is, of course, very different from the messages you would send to someone with 15 of your items in his abandoned shopping cart. But, even for marketers who are thoroughly familiar […]

Don’t Acquire Customers; Invest In Them

A recent survey conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau illuminated the current state of digital ad revenues. The study showed that 66% of are coming from performance-based campaigns, 32% are coming from CPM-based campaigns and 2% are coming from a hybrid model combining the two.  With quarterly digital ad revenues exceeding $10 billion, marketers will be consumed with “performance” even more so than they are today. So what can we expect? History shows us that as more people start to […]

I Like You, But Not In That Way

Marc is a monthly contributor to AdExchanger, where this article was originally published. A parade of limousines filled with elaborately dressed high schoolers is a sure sign that prom season has arrived. The season evokes memories of confusion and awkwardness. Whether it happened to you or one of your friends, there’s no doubt you were familiar with at least one prom crash-and-burn, in which someone asked that special someone else to prom, only to elicit the dreaded response: “I like you… but […]

CPA = Customer Permitted Arbitrage?

CPA has become one of the biggest farces in advertising. Networks pretend to be aligned with their advertising partners when they are really driving the wrong customers in an effort to benefit their margins. Unfortunately most media buyers are not shown the metrics to understand that lower quality customers are being shepherded to their site instead of qualified customers that cost a little more for the network to acquire. Note we use the term “network” as an all encompassing term […]

5 Myths of the Facebook Exchange (FBX), Demystified

Facebook Exchange, or FBX, has introduced real-time bidding at the impression level on Facebook — working to increase the ROI of Facebook advertising campaigns. Enabling retargeting on Facebook, marketers can deliver ads to people on Facebook who have recently visited and engaged with their domains. Nanigans is the only Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer listed in Facebook’s PMD Center with access to the Facebook Exchange and the Facebook Ads API. Complementary advertising channels, marketers should leverage both to maximize reach, engagement and impact in achieving marketing goals from awareness […]