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Cross-Device Tracking For a Multi-Touch World

We may be living in a mobile-first marketing world, but the customer journey is by no means limited to portable devices. Just because a user clicked on your mobile ad from their phone or tablet doesn’t mean they also won’t monetize on their desktop, or offline. Fortunately, Nanigans can track across devices to help paint a clearer picture of user activity and lifetime value. User-level tracking Nanigans tracking works on a user level, rather than ad level basis. This means […]

An Introduction to Predictive Lifetime Value

When Nanigans was founded in 2010, it was with the understanding that performance marketing was broken from start to finish. Marketing campaigns that focused on proxy metrics like CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA…etc. all too often ignored true value, and that still seems to be the case today. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s easier to find “successes” and “wins” by examining everything except ROI and often times it takes additional time, creative thinking and resources to make a campaign ROI positive. […]

Invest in Your Most Valuable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value [Infographic]

Not all customers are created equal. Smart marketers don’t treat all customers the same but invest in the customers who will deliver the greatest contribution over time. Instead of approaching customer acquisition based on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), many performance marketers these days are thinking bigger. CPA based bidding always targets the least expensive customers. Marketers are moving beyond CPA, leveraging predictive lifetime value (LTV) to spend their media dollars efficiently. Predictive lifetime value projects the amount of revenue or […]