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A Coming of Age Moment For Social Advertising

In case you missed it, TechCrunch covered our announcement of extending Nanigans software to mobile ad exchanges with an article titled “Facebook’s Top Ad Seller Nanigans Expands To Twitter’s MoPub After Hitting $500M A Year In Spend.” In the words of tech journalist Josh Constine, “The Nanigans expansion beyond Facebook is somewhat of a coming of age moment for social advertising.” There are several reasons why our integration with a mobile exchange is such big news for digital marketers; here are a […]

In-House Advertising in the News

The times, they are a-changin’ — and quickly. Amidst news from comScore that Americans spend more time per month on mobile apps than they do on desktop Internet,  eMarketer reports that direct response has claimed the majority of US marketers’ budgets. These findings reflect the reality that hard numbers are here to stay, and that advertisers need to address the challenges of new technology head on. 2014 US Digital Ad Spending Share, by Objective Source: eMarketer’s Ad Spending Report Series, May […]

Why Direct Response Is Dominating 2014 Advertising

Since the first banner ad was served in 1994, marketers have been under pressure to prove value through data—otherwise known as return on ad spend. In 2013, Internet ad revenues hit $42.8 billion, surpassing broadcast television for the first time and displaying a 17% YOY increase. Today, advertisers who have historically been focused on generating brand awareness are expected to report with hard data that they not only reached their specific target audience, but they were able to effectively encourage that audience […]

The Day Facebook Changed for Marketers

This article was originally published on the MITX Blog. For performance marketers, Facebook changed forever this past May. Nanigans was invited to speak at Facebook’s 2013 Global Sales Conference, in which the company provided an update to its entire sales organization about the past, present and future of Facebook marketing. The typical agenda for these types of annual updates is to generate a lot of mystique and excitement for the curtain, which when actually drawn back doesn’t reveal anything all […]

In-House Performance Marketing

Take Your Performance Marketing In-House

In-house or agency? It’s a complicated question with plenty of contributing factors ranging from overhead cost to talent to efficiency and capabilities. Since performance marketing was born, we’ve seen countless brands follow down the path of traditional advertising practices and ship execution out to external partners. If you’ve run a marketing department before, then you’ve heard all the benefits and the pitches as to why using an external partner is better for you and your company, but have you truly […]