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Dynamic Creative: What You Need to Know for Better Retargeting [Report]

Dynamic creative — aka “personalized ads” — is any creative that changes automatically based on information about a user, whether it’s related to his or her location or specific behavior such as recent product views or purchase history. These days, digital advertising is such a competitive space that a message must be personal to catch a consumer’s eye. By that measure, dynamic ads have become essential for advertisers to do retargeting in the most personalized and relevant way. Related post: […]

Static vs. Dynamic Ads

Marketers make a lot of choices on a daily basis, and the information they act on changes frequently. In an effort to keep the advertising industry straight, we’ve launched a new series of blog posts, affectionately titled “Versus.” Here we will discuss two sides of Facebook advertising, and how each can help your brand. As we’ve said before, there are a few rules you should always follow when it comes to Facebook ad creative; namely: 1.  Keep the branding uniform, […]

Facebook Exchange: Driving Results with Dynamic Creative

With the Nanigans Facebook Exchange (FBX) remarketing solution, advertisers have the option to dynamically display creative at an individual product, SKU level.  Dynamic creative is promising for advertisers because it offers them the ability to serve more relevant ads to consumers who have already showed intent.   A recent Nanigans study revealed that dynamic creative through FBX resulted in a 5.1.X higher ROI (return in sales revenue on the cost of ad spend) than more evergreen creative. To help you make […]


Introducing Dynamic Creative in the Facebook News Feed

Nanigans is excited to be the first Facebook Strategic Preferred Market Developer (sPMD) to support dynamic creative at the individual product SKU level for Facebook Exchange (FBX) in the News Feed.  Advertisers now have a seamless way to remarket to people on Facebook by displaying the products they recently engaged with on their website. With intent already shown, dynamic creative promises to provide greater relevancy for consumers and better performance for advertisers. Early results have been positive for large-scale advertisers […]

Dynamic Creative Increases ROI of Facebook Exchange by 5X [Case Study]

Nanigans’ Facebook Exchange (FBX) remarketing solution provides advertisers the ability to dynamically display creative at an individual, product SKU level. This empowers advertisers with a simple, hands-off method to remarket to people on Facebook with products they recently explored and engaged with. With intent already shown, the promise of dynamic creative lies in it providing heightened relevancy for end consumers. We recently compiled a case study to better understand how dynamic creative impacts the performance of FBX remarketing campaigns on […]