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How Improved Facebook Ad Performance While Unlocking 68% Time Savings with Nanigans

The promise of advertising automation is that the right technology can unlock unprecedented efficiency. For, greater efficiency in digital advertising means they can introduce more people around the world to their innovative hearing aid solutions. partnered with Nanigans to achieve more efficient and profitable customer acquisition through Facebook advertising, turning the promise of growth into a reality. Real Results: Unlocking Efficiency at Scale After adopting Nanigans as their in-house solution for scaling customer acquisition campaigns, realized dramatic time savings—averaging 68% greater […]

The Top 52 Retail Marketers to Watch in 2018

It’s an exciting time to be part of a marketing team at an ecommerce company. Traditional advertising methods are being replaced by fast-moving digital strategies that utilize data analytics, brilliant creative, and compelling brand loyalty programs to outpace the competition. Yet retail marketing can be as daunting as it is exhilarating. There’s mounting pressure from the C-suite to quickly turn marketing spend into sales and stay connected with busy consumers who have hundreds of digital options at their fingertips. And […]

Ecommerce brands opening stores

‘Clicks and Bricks’: Why Ecommerce Brands Keep Opening Stores

It seems like every week a retailer like Toys ‘R’ Us closes stores to concentrate on e-commerce. So isn’t it counterintuitive that e-commerce brands — including Warby Parker, UNTUCKit, Sugarfina, Trunk Club, and Boll & Branch — continue to open physical stores? Not so fast. In truth, physical retail isn’t going away — but it is evolving. Today’s consumers crave connection, authenticity, and a personal experience, all of which are hard to find in traditional, big-box retail stores. A trend […]

How Hopscotch Profitably Grows Online Sales with Facebook [Success Story]

Hopscotch, the India-based online retailer of baby and kids apparel from more than 3,000 brands, has achieved tremendous growth since its founding in 2011. A critical factor behind their growth is a data-driven and strategic approach to digital advertising, particularly on Facebook. Equipping an in-house marketing team to maximize growth and profitability Since its early days, Hopscotch recognized that Facebook was a powerful channel for customer acquisition and retention. Unlike many online retailers, they decided not to outsource management of […]

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3 Moves Ecommerce CMOs Must Make

Despite the headlines about the CMO role being in peril, it’s actually a great time to lead marketing at an ecommerce company. The old ways of advertising are getting thrown out and the successful CMOs and companies will be the ones that leverage the new ways faster than their competitors. I don’t presume to know everything CMOs will need to do to be successful in their jobs, but I do know that the winners of this next phase of online […]