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Ecommerce brands opening stores

‘Clicks and Bricks’: Why Ecommerce Brands Keep Opening Stores

It seems like every week a retailer like Toys ‘R’ Us closes stores to concentrate on e-commerce. So isn’t it counterintuitive that e-commerce brands — including Warby Parker, UNTUCKit, Sugarfina, Trunk Club, and Boll & Branch — continue to open physical stores? Not so fast. In truth, physical retail isn’t going away — but it is evolving. Today’s consumers crave connection, authenticity, and a personal experience, all of which are hard to find in traditional, big-box retail stores. A trend […]

How Hopscotch Profitably Grows Online Sales with Facebook [Success Story]

Hopscotch, the India-based online retailer of baby and kids apparel from more than 3,000 brands, has achieved tremendous growth since its founding in 2011. A critical factor behind their growth is a data-driven and strategic approach to digital advertising, particularly on Facebook. Equipping an in-house marketing team to maximize growth and profitability Since its early days, Hopscotch recognized that Facebook was a powerful channel for customer acquisition and retention. Unlike many online retailers, they decided not to outsource management of […]

CMO strategies

3 Moves Ecommerce CMOs Must Make

Despite the headlines about the CMO role being in peril, it’s actually a great time to lead marketing at an ecommerce company. The old ways of advertising are getting thrown out and the successful CMOs and companies will be the ones that leverage the new ways faster than their competitors. I don’t presume to know everything CMOs will need to do to be successful in their jobs, but I do know that the winners of this next phase of online […]

Ecommerce marketing

What Ecommerce All Stars Have in Common

It’s not an easy time to be in retail. Everyone must now compete with Amazon, and big box retailers are struggling to connect with consumers who have hundreds of digital options at their fingertips. Despite challenges, certain retailers are weathering the storm through smart investments in content, mobile, video and emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR). Below, we highlight some of the best digital strategies from ecommerce retailers. They Bridge In-Store and Digital The customer journey is no longer […]

Incrementality calculator

Calculate Your Missing Incremental Revenue

CPA (cost per action) and ROAS (return on ad spend) are two of the most popular digital advertising measurements, but neither measure what matters most to your bottom line: incremental revenue. Incremental revenue is revenue generated by advertising that otherwise would not have existed without the ad spend. Related post: U.S. Retailers Are Leaving $5B on the Table [Infographic] Everyone knows the goal of retargeting is to turn shoppers into buyers. But what if those shoppers were going to buy […]