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Facebook Mobile App Install Ads – Early Results

Today, Facebook announced that its mobile app install ad units are out of beta, citing early feedback from us here at Nanigans alongside various mobile app developers like Kabam and Fab. With support for Facebook mobile app install ads, below are early performance results from mobile app install ad campaigns run through Ad Engine. CPCs, CTRs and Volume Nanigans is seeing mobile app install ad campaigns with average CPCs ranging from $0.18 – $0.60. In some instances, Nanigans has seen […]

10 Interesting Facebook Open Graph Apps and Actions

Aside from its IPO, the big Facebook story over the past week has been the addition of over 60 Open Graph Apps. When these Apps were announced back in September at f8, our SVP of Product, Rishi Dean, wrote two great posts—first breaking down Facebook’s Open Graph platform and announcements at f8, and a second outlining how together these announcements form a “social feedback loop.” Before introduction of the Open Graph, a users interaction with a company or App was limited to […]