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Charting A Path to In-House Programmatic

This article was originally published in AdExchanger. As the slow death of media buying agencies continues *, a growing number of marketers want to own their data and bring all buying in house. They simply need some direction to develop this competency. The five most prevalent motives for advertisers to bring their programmatic buys in-house include: Ownership of data Cost efficiency Prioritization of objectives Transparency Owning the core competency Ownership of data Brands recognize the importance of their site and […]

Why Bake-offs Are Ruining Ad-Tech

As a marketing leader, have you ever been tasked with selecting a new ad-tech vendor or platform? If so, then you’ve gone through the process of identifying a few different options, and then considered testing them against each other to see which performs best. Typically, the testing period, or “bake-off” is between multiple competitors, at minimal budgets over a short period of time. Whichever company performs the best is ultimately the one chosen by you, the customer. You’ve probably even […]

Fire Your Marketing Department (If They Don’t Use Cohort Analysis)

“A few years ago, my HR business partner said that she doesn’t fire people, they fire themselves. I couldn’t agree more!” — Marc Grabowski, COO of Nanigans. Underperformance is a typical reason for employee dismissal, but with performance marketing it’s not as simple as looking at results and making a judgment call. Performance is based on the metrics a marketer has at hand. If they are looking at the wrong metrics, their success will be falsely represented. Smart marketers are […]