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Final Four 2014

Facebook Predictions for the NCAA Final Four

After a grueling, seemingly endless winter in Boston, what better way to take our minds off the insane weather we’ve finally left behind than with a little March Madness? Even if we don’t have any horses in this race, it’s fun to take bets — and in order to make informed ones, we’ve decided to do some digging into our Facebook Ad Engine. Without further ado, here are our insights and a data-backed prediction for who will sweep 2014′s NCAA […]

Paid Facebook Advertising Moves Front and Center for Marketers

Paid Facebook advertising has moved front and center for marketers. More than ever before, Facebook marketers will need to leverage paid Facebook advertising to make sure their content is seen by fans and potential customers on Facebook. Facebook recently updated its News Feed algorithm to ensure its users see more timely and relevant content. As a result, marketers have started to see the organic reach of their posts on the social network decline. At the same time, competition for the […]


How to Quantify the Value of your Facebook Fans

Are your Facebook fans really buying your products? This question has plagued Facebook, brands and marketers for the last few years but now there is an easy way to find out. This post will show you how to calculate the percentage of your fans who have bought your products, and how much more or less likely they are to purchase than the average Facebook user. Before diving in, please note that Nanigans is not in the business of buying fans. […]

The State of Facebook Marketing in Infographics

Facebook ads are here, and they’re here to stay. Over the past few months there has been an influx of new, fantastic infographics on Facebook and its emergence as one of the preeminent online engagement and marketing platforms. We decided to share some of our favorites, organized by the current state of Facebook trends, understanding your followers and fans, maximizing the potential of your Facebook marketing campaign, and the future of the Open Graph platform and Social Sharing. Courtesy of […]