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2014 Facebook Marketing Holiday Calendar

It’s that time of year when marketers start to look forward and plan their initiatives for the coming year.  An essential tool for Facebook marketers is the marketing calendar, which helps to coordinate your marketing vehicles as you look to take advantage of opportunities and boost demand for your offerings. We’ve put together a 2014 U.S. holiday marketing calendar so you can see what’s ahead and align it with your Facebook marketing strategy.  Whether you are a gaming company capitalizing […]

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Top 10 Facebook Advertising Posts of 2013

2013 was a year of significant growth for Facebook advertising, with the social network offering multiple new opportunities for advertisers–from new mobile and video advertising options, to streamlining its ad formats to expanding targeting tools like Custom Audiences and partner categories. From thought leadership to case studies to best practices, Nanigans helped educate and inform advertisers on the latest and greatest Facebook advertising trends and opportunities. We’ve counted down the top 10 blog posts of 2013 based on total page […]

Arcane Legends Leverages Facebook Mobile App Install Ads to Drive Downloads and ROI

Mobile multiplayer combat game, Arcane Legends, leveraged Facebook mobile app install ads to drive downloads and ROI. Results 316% more revenue per install on Facebook than other mobile ad networks in only 14 days 33% higher ROI (profit-per-install) than other mobile ad networks Objectives Spacetime Studios is a household name when it comes to online and mobile games. Arcane Legends is the company’s latest release in its popular ‘Legends’ series of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs). The company turned […]

Facebook Is The New Mall

Last month in an article from VentureBeat, Nanigans was quoted comparing Facebook to the mall: “Facebook is the new shopping mall, where people have a place gather, socialize, and then occasionally browse for shopping. Facebook readers aren’t in search mode, per se. But if an advertiser can inject itself into a Facebook user’s reading stream, it can foster brand affiliation, which can lead to a purchase down the road, even offline, especially if the product is targeted and relevant.”- Dan […]

The Day Facebook Changed for Marketers

This article was originally published on the MITX Blog. For performance marketers, Facebook changed forever this past May. Nanigans was invited to speak at Facebook’s 2013 Global Sales Conference, in which the company provided an update to its entire sales organization about the past, present and future of Facebook marketing. The typical agenda for these types of annual updates is to generate a lot of mystique and excitement for the curtain, which when actually drawn back doesn’t reveal anything all […]