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4 Ways Facebook Advertisers Are Taking Reporting to the Next Level with Custom Formulas

When it comes to defining ad campaign goals and success, performance marketing is awash in acronyms. CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI and ROI are just a few of the primary metrics which can help evaluate the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. This activity/performance can be directly tied to the cost of acquiring actions that occur further downstream. Once you’ve gotten a sense for which general metrics apply to your business model, you can turn your focus to formulas that align precisely […]

2013 Facebook Benchmark Report: Be Wary of Proxy Metrics

This article was originally published in Facebook PPC. Nanigans released its first benchmark report last week, reviewing the last 12 months of performance marketing activity specifically within the retail vertical on Facebook.  The benchmark report, which included over 100 advertisers, highlighted some key takeaways for advertisers, including: 152% average ROI 3.75x CTR increase 37% increase in CPMs 74% of desktop spend is delivered in the News Feed While all of these metrics are “interesting,” and it’s encouraging to see the […]