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Marketers Increase Spend to Facebook Mobile Video Ads by 2.4X

Advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ Ad Engine have increased spend to Facebook mobile video ads by 2.4X in the last 10 days – and it’s no secret why. Video has introduced a new layer of engagement and relevancy on Facebook mobile, empowering marketers to reach an 875 million person mobile audience with content in motion that delights, entertains and inspires. Television networks and movie studios are not the only companies excited about Facebook mobile video ads. Mobile gaming companies can now feature […]

Nanigans Releases Benchmark Report for Game Developers Advertising on Facebook

Nanigans has leveraged its database of billions of digital advertising impressions served to create a benchmark report with strategy recommendations specific to gaming developers advertising on Facebook. With the millions of new smartphones, tablets and desktops that will be given as gifts this holiday season, this report offers support for gaming CMOs to increase Facebook advertising budgets. Highlights from the report include: CPM and impression averages Click-through rate and action averages Install rates and ad spend averages Revenue by gender, […]

Facebook Adds Video To Its Mobile App Ads, Aims To Boost Downloads

Facebook has added video and CPA bidding to its mobile app ads (formerly known as mobile app install ads) to help mobile app marketers boost downloads. Facebook’s video ads have proven to be an effective way to drive engagement in the News Feed. A Nanigans case study with a leading gaming developer revealed that ads in the mobile News feed delivered an 8% click through rate (CTR) and a 77% play rate.  The results underscore how powerful video is to […]

Facebook Updates Mobile Ads. Aims to Boost App Engagement.

Mobile app marketers have invested significant resources to get their apps on people’s phones and see their rankings climb on the app download charts but this is only half the battle. With the exception of well known apps (Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps) many developers struggle with keeping users engaged and active—and in some cases inspiring them to spend money.   A Localytics study revealed that 66 percent of app users will only open an app between 1 and 10 times. To […]

How to Measure Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

With over 819 million mobile users, rich targeting data and ad units designed specifically for driving app downloads, Facebook is uniquely positioned to help mobile app developers drive discovery and engagement for their iOS and Android mobile apps.  Marketers with apps and games of all sizes are leveraging Facebook mobile app install ads to meet their volume and distribution goals. Nanigans worked with a developer in the ecommerce space who climbed from an Apple App Store ranking of #253 to #5 in […]

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