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Getting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success [eBook]

Marketers have spent billions of dollars on Facebook advertising. They are even spending more on Facebook for display advertising than they are on Google. Mostly that’s because Facebook ads work, allowing brands to successfully scale their ad spend on desktop and mobile. So why do Facebook ads work when they work? There are three reasons: Facebook’s extensive targeting options (demographics, affinities, psychographics and behaviors) coupled with optimization strategies based on customer lifetime value ensure that you can deliver your ads to the most relevant audience possible […]

Facebook Introduces Premium Video Ads for Brands

Back in December, Facebook announced that it was experimenting with autoplay video — specifically, 15-second ad spots that would play right in desktop and mobile News Feeds. Autoplay videos are designed to run for short periods of time and reach large audiences, making Lionsgate and its young adult action movie Divergent an attractive choice for Facebook’s initial market testing. Yesterday a blog post revealed the next phase: bringing brands into the fold. According to Facebook’s For Business page, Premium Video […]

Facebook’s News Feed Redesign: Not Surprising

Historically, any major modification Facebook has made to its News Feed has been met with backlash; when you have over 1.2 billion users, you’re bound to break a few eggs. This could be one of the reasons why the social network chose to scale back the major redesign it announced last March. Rather than institute sweeping changes to the way people interact with the platform, this time around it seems the company has opted for light adjustments — slightly larger […]

Paid Facebook Advertising Moves Front and Center for Marketers

Paid Facebook advertising has moved front and center for marketers. More than ever before, Facebook marketers will need to leverage paid Facebook advertising to make sure their content is seen by fans and potential customers on Facebook. Facebook recently updated its News Feed algorithm to ensure its users see more timely and relevant content. As a result, marketers have started to see the organic reach of their posts on the social network decline. At the same time, competition for the […]

How Page Post Ads in News Feed Drive Direct Response and ROI [Study]

Countless marketers are spending millions of dollars on direct response advertising, achieving exceedingly positive ROI’s.  To this point, we’re seeing that Facebook advertisers with direct response goals are increasingly leveraging Page post ads in News Feed––where people spend the bulk of their time on Facebook. In the past month, Nanigans conducted a study across multiple verticals to uncover how two popular Facebook News Feed ad units, Page post link ads and Page post photo ads, drive direct response and ROI. […]