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How to Apply the Conversion Funnel to Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Any marketer or salesperson worth his or her salt is well-acquainted with the “marketing funnel” (sometimes called the “purchase funnel”), a system for categorizing leads based on where they stand in the buying process and delivering content or calls-to-action accordingly. What you say to someone unacquainted with your brand is, of course, very different from the messages you would send to someone with 15 of your items in his abandoned shopping cart. But, even for marketers who are thoroughly familiar […]

Facebook Partner Categories

Facebook Partner Categories: Frighteningly Effective

As anyone who’s ever been served a retargeting ad after abandoning an item in their shopping cart can tell you, social media marketing has become extremely (sometimes frighteningly) sophisticated. The appeal of Facebook as an ad channel has always been the level of insight it provides into the hearts and minds of consumers; not just gender, age and location, but whether someone’s in a long-distance relationship, has a birthday coming up or reads Twilight. While Broad Categories have provided brands […]

Facebook Partner Categories

How to Leverage Facebook Partner Categories to Boost Ad Targeting

Facebook recently announced Partner Categories, allowing advertisers to more accurately pinpoint their ads to specific categories of people.   Previously, advertisers were able to show ads to people based on their selected interests and pages liked on Facebook. With Partner Categories, they can now show ads to people on Facebook based on their purchases across both desktop and mobile. Partner Categories leverages third party data from Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon and works with other Facebook targeting options so that advertisers can […]