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The Playbook: Scaling Digital Advertising Success

To grow revenues in the competitive world of digital advertising, you need a winning playbook. That’s why we launched The Playbook, a video series featuring data-driven strategies and tips to take your direct response performance to the next level. In this episode of The Playbook, a fan writes in: “We had a very successful global launch. How do we maintain our advertising campaign’s success online?” Click below for Senior Product Specialist Erik Mansur’s discussion of the two different phases in […]

Instagram in the News: A Roundup of Recent Developments

It seems like every other day Instagram is making headlines. Whether it’s introducing new features for advertisers or redesigning the appearance of the site, Instagram’s rapid evolution has the marketing world buzzing. To help you keep up with all the recent Instagram developments, we’ve curated a list below of the news you need to know. SocialTimes, “Instagram Adds Call-To-Action Buttons, More Relevant Ad Targeting” (6/2/2015) Instagram kicked off its summer of change by providing advertisers with a peek at upcoming features. Previews […]

Why Instagram Is Ripe For Direct Response Advertising

It’s been a few weeks since Instagram officially opened up its ads API to marketing partners, and the social media community is still buzzing about the news. What’s got digital advertisers so excited?  The photo sharing network not only gives brands the chance to reach large and diverse audiences; it does so through the universal language of visual content. Because of this unique characteristic, Instagram’s direct response ads are expected to be a hit when they’re made available in the […]


Facebook Plans to Update Ads, Retire Sponsored Stories–What it Means for Advertisers

Facebook recently announced seven changes to the Ads API that will provide more effective targeting and creative options for advertisers. The new targeting options will be fully available by April 9–including interest targeting, demographic targeting and behavioral targeting. They also revealed creative updates and will be officially retiring Sponsored Stories. Here are the 7 big changes that will impact Facebook advertising: Targeting: Facebook has realigned its overall approach to ad targeting, focusing on four key areas, location, demographics, interests and […]