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Remarketing on a Fragmented Internet: In-House Strategy [Ebook]

Welcome to the latest installment of our “remarketing on a fragmented internet” blog series. So far we’ve touched on the three main remarketing challenges ecommerce advertisers face on a fragmented internet: cross-channel orchestration, transparency and incremental lift. We’ve also discussed two strategies for dealing with these challenges: channel isolation and outsourcing. This post addresses a third strategy: In-house advertising. Brands that grow weary of the technology tax that comes with outsourcing often take their advertising in-house. They start by running […]

In-House Programmatic

Understanding Programmatic: Your Company and Career May Depend On It

We all face choices throughout our lives whether to hire someone or tackle a job ourselves. We might decide to paint our bedroom rather than hire a painter, or spackle the ceiling ourselves instead of calling a contractor. The effects of such choices are not life-changing. As long as we’re happy with the job we did, the calculation is based on how much we enjoy the results and value our free time. The equation changes though when it comes to […]

Programmatic In-House

In-House Programmatic: Why More Brands Are Managing Advertising Themselves

Last fall, Sprint created an in-house digital ad agency, signaling a major shift in the company’s programmatic advertising strategy. At the time, I thought, “There goes another one.” A major brand trying to become more nimble, gain control of the ad buying process and save money – during a time when confusion and frustration is mounting in digital advertising. I was encouraged by Sprint’s move, but not surprised. They’re not the only company taking this route. Unilever created in-house content […]

Nanigans Reports Record International Revenue Growth

More than ever, marketers around the world are taking control of their digital advertising in-house and moving toward optimizing their efforts around the only performance metric that matters: incremental revenue. What’s the evidence for this growing movement? Today we’re thrilled to announce that Nanigans’ business growth in markets outside North America skyrocketed in 2017, with 49% year-over-year increase in annual SaaS (software-as-a-service) revenue. One company in particular, Hopscotch, the Indian online retailer of baby products, drove significant growth this year […]

Dynamic creative

Dynamic Creative: What You Need to Know for Better Retargeting [Report]

Dynamic creative — aka “personalized ads” — is any creative that changes automatically based on information about a user, whether it’s related to his or her location or specific behavior such as recent product views or purchase history. These days, digital advertising is such a competitive space that a message must be personal to catch a consumer’s eye. By that measure, dynamic ads have become essential for advertisers to do retargeting in the most personalized and relevant way. Related post: […]