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Featured Image - Advertising Lessons From Top Instagram Accounts

What Instagram Star Taylor Swift And Other Top Accounts Can Teach Advertisers

Instagram is a uniquely visual mobile channel. Because of this, it’s extremely important that advertisers generate quality creative that meets the high standards of its users. We’ve analyzed some of the most popular Instagram accounts to uncover lessons that marketers can apply to make direct response ads look just as appealing as the content surrounding them. Without further ado: Taylor Swift For years, millennials have been enthralled with Taylor Swift. The singer-songwriter isn’t just popular on the pop music charts; she’s […]

6 Instagram Ad Creative Best Practices For Digital Marketers

Instagram is the perfect platform for marketers looking to reach a young and growing audience using a universal language — images. Because visuals speak the loudest on this photo-sharing site, it’s important to make sure that your ads adhere to Instagram’s creative best practices. Here are six rules of thumb to keep in mind as you work on creating your Instagram ad campaigns. 1. Lighting and Details Every pixel matters when your ads are going to be published to users […]