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3 Data Tracking Tips For In-House Advertisers Using Conversions

A conversion is any customer action that adds value to your business, such as a visit, signup or registration, product view, purchase, or app installation. We track these actions to understand which of your ad placements are leading to business and revenue for your company, and to optimize future campaigns through our platform’s algorithm. Last week we launched a new Conversions Setup tool, putting more control of the Ad Engine kickoff process in the hands of in-house marketers. Here are some […]

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Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns Achieve 44% Same Day ROI [Study]

With the largest user base of any social network (1.1 Billion) Facebook can be a huge contributor to a company’s lead generation efforts. But how efficient is it? Nanigans recently conducted a study across multiple verticals to discover how effective Facebook is for driving leads and ROI. The results demonstrate how critical revenue-based optimization is when running a Facebook performance advertising campaign. Across multiple lead generation campaigns on Facebook, day one ROI reached 44%. Strategy & Approach The companies leveraged […]