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Predictive Lifetime Value: The Key To Long-Term Online Retail Success

Advertising your products to customers is one thing. Advertising your products to the right customers is another matter entirely. What’s the point of investing in advertising if the people those ads attract don’t spend money, or only spend a little and then never again? At Nanigans, we are enabling direct response advertisers to target the audiences who are most valuable in the long-term, using Predictive Lifetime Value (PLTV) algorithms and tools. What is PLTV? Lifetime value is the revenue or […]

7 Deadly Sins of CPA Based Advertising

Are you willing to pay 5% more to acquire a customer that purchases 500% more? Most marketers would answer “yes” to this question; however, if you are buying digital advertising on a low-cost or inflexible CPA basis, the reality is that in practice you may not be! Never has this missed opportunity been more harmful to advertisers than during the holidays, when measuring, bidding and optimizing your ad budgets for post-click, downstream behavior through ROI-based bidding has the highest potential […]

How to Use Cohort Analysis to Find Your Most Valuable Ads

Measurement and analysis is the backbone of any successful digital marketing strategy. But traditional analytics gives all visitors the same weight and as a result, lack insight into how people behave over time. Measuring this behavior and common characteristics among groups of users can lead to insight that helps drive campaign strategy. This is why cohort analysis should be a key tool when you are measuring any marketing campaign. First, let’s define the term: Cohort analysis is a subset of […]

How Much Is That Customer Worth? Predicting Tomorrow’s Revenue Today

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. Customer acquisition and customer retention have historically lived in separate silos within marketing organizations. Those days are ending: CEOs and CMOs are beginning to recognize the true costs of assigning a proxy to actual customer value during the acquisition phase. Such marketers have found that, with silos in place, they are less competitive in bidding for inventory supply sources. They’re also realizing there are hidden costs to acquiring customers who don’t monetize over […]

Tomorrow’s Predictive Lifetime Value Today

When Nanigans was founded back in 2010, it was founded under the principle that performance marketing at scale was inherently broken. At the time, there were a bunch of “digital advertisers” that were trying to understand all these new performance KPIs including CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA…etc. As we looked at all of these metrics, with CPA the most advanced metric being adopted by the general marketing public at the time, we knew it was time for Nanigans. Since 2010, we’ve […]