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Takeaways From Travel Weekly’s 2015 Consumer Trends Report

Each year, Travel Weekly explores the shifting tides of the industry in its consumer trends report. The report shares important factors that travel-related companies should be aware of in order use the best possible messaging in order to reach customers. Here are just some of the highlights from that report, and how we recommend optimizing that information to make your advertising as unforgettable as the journeys your customers will take. Making the journey from mobile to desktop Multiple devices come […]

Facebook Marketers: How to Amplify Your Ad Targeting with Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences is a powerful tool for segmenting your target audiences. It provides the opportunity for marketers to reach a specific set of people on Facebook with an incredibly relevant message. Studies have shown that Custom Audiences delivers a 5.5x greater ROI than standard interest targeting. So for the same amount of Facebook ad spend invested, people targeted through Custom Audiences generated 5 times more revenue as compared to standard interest targeting. Custom Audiences lets marketers deliver ads to […]

Built for Performance – Introducing Cohort Analysis & Look-Alike Group Tools

Here at Nanigans we are committed to designing and developing tools within Ad Engine, our Facebook advertising platform, that empower advertisers to make informed and ROI-based decisions. Our latest Ad Engine release contains two powerful new tools: Cohort Analysis to compare the lifetime value generated by campaigns over time Look-Alike Groups to discover new audiences with high probabilities becoming customers Cohort Analysis Cohorts are groups of people who share certain characteristics. Cohort analysis is a common and powerful methodology used by […]