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Millennials love social media.

Social Media ADD: Marketing to Millennials

As I sit here in the Nanigans office (the nicest one I’ve ever been in) and think about how I am going to write this blog post I get distracted. As a 22-year-old college student I am constantly fighting the urge to visit my Facebook page or finally give in to the urge of opening my iPhone, which has been vibrating for the last hour. Lord knows if I open up that thing there is no way I won’t check […]

Bloomberg TV Interviews Nanigans on Facebook’s Ad Strategy

This morning, Nanigans was live from New York! Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg Surveillance invited Nanigans’ SVP of Marketing, Dan Slagen, to join Evercore’s Managing Director, Ken Sena, and hosts Tom Keene and Scarlet Fu for a discussion about the state of Facebook advertising. For Bloomberg TV’s 27 million monthly viewers, Bloomberg Surveillance brings insight into the state of the market each morning with a conversation on economics, finance and investment. The segment titled Who’s Going to Look at an Ad on […]


How to Market to Millennials on Facebook

An ongoing assertion is that millennials, the generation of people now 18 to 34 years old, are fleeing Facebook. While it’s no secret that millennials’ social activity is more fragmented, Facebook remains the strong leader in the competition for their attention. When looking at the total time spent among leading social networking sites, millennials spend at least three-quarters of their time on Facebook, indicating that they are expanding their use of social media but not at the expense of Facebook. […]