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Final Four 2014

Facebook Predictions for the NCAA Final Four

After a grueling, seemingly endless winter in Boston, what better way to take our minds off the insane weather we’ve finally left behind than with a little March Madness? Even if we don’t have any horses in this race, it’s fun to take bets — and in order to make informed ones, we’ve decided to do some digging into our Facebook Ad Engine. Without further ado, here are our insights and a data-backed prediction for who will sweep 2014′s NCAA […]

Using Website Custom Audiences to Make the Most of the NCAA March Madness Tournament

The March Madness tournament is now well underway. As teams begin to compete to make it into the third round of final 32 teams, it reminds us as marketers and genuine fans of our alma maters, there are significant opportunities to reach out to like-minded fans. Facebook is the ideal platform to reach out to this base of users due to the all of the advanced targeting and interest information. However, beyond the deep interest targeting – using Website Custom […]

NCAA’s Final Four: Who Won on Facebook?

After weeks of exciting NCAA games filled with upsets, disappointments, and victories, we wanted to to see what kind of buzz the Final Four teams were getting on Facebook. We tapped our Facebook advertising software, Ad Engine, for data comparing the reach of the men’s basketball teams from the University of Louisville, Wichita State University, University of Michigan, and Syracuse University.   We looked  at the total number of people interested in each team, the percentage of the team’s fan […]

NCAA March Madness on Facebook: Which Bracket is Most Popular?

March Madness has arrived—the time when Bracketology becomes an accepted form of science. Analysts and fans alike continue their last minute dissections, searching for something that could signal an upset (we’re looking at you Syracuse). Users of Facebook are no different, taking to the platform in hordes to discuss each team and hurl a few well placed insults at their peers from other schools. Freecast has taken advantage of the interest on Facebook, and partnered with TNT, TBS, TruTV and […]