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Nanigans Heads to’s Mobile User Acquisition Unlocked Event

We were thrilled when Jay Weintraub, Founder of got in touch with Nanigans about participating in this year’s Mobile User Acquisition Unlocked Conference. Why were we so excited? is the first conference of its kind, solely focused on customer acquisition and retention — two of Nanigans’ core focuses. describes their Mobile Acquisition Unlocked Conference as “THE event where app marketers can learn the best strategies and tactics for app acquisition and retention,” and warns attendees this […]

How Nanigans’ Predictive Lifetime Value Came to Be [A Timeline]

The first known use of the word “predict” was in 1609; originating from the Latin word praedictus. Asdefined by Merriam Webster, predict is to declare or indicate in advance; especially: foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason. Predictions have evolved vastly from 1609, arguably one of the first scientists to use “predictive science” was physicist/mathematician /astronomer, and philosopher, Galileo Galilei, who championed theories like”observational astronomy“. But this post is not about the 1600′s but the developments of […]